The Witcher 3 loads so fast on the Series X that it loads the map before the loading screen


Holy shit…the loading is so fast, looks like the world is about to break. LOL.


Can’t wait to play the DLC for this game with the Series X enhancements. Heard the DLC is somehow better than the main game, so I know I’m in for a good time. The Witcher is an amazing series, even Netflix did it justice with the TV show.


I can’t wait to replay this game. Those load times always killed me, same with RDR2.

And why I’ve avoided both. Many days I have no time to play. The last thing I want to play is load screen for 5 minutes (with splash screens, etc.).

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Never did finish it. Time to get through that backlog!

Thread title is incorrect. The map shown (during the time when the loading screen shoulda been there) is not the new destination tht the player fast traveled to. It seems to be where they were. So it isn’t loading the new location’s map there.

It is still wild af how fast it jumps to that new location though.

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That’s true.

A real good test would have been if they traveled from White Orchard to Velen. That is something that always takes a long time. Or when you die in Velen, doesn’t matter where…the loading is horrible on One X. I want to see how much that has improved.


Man that’s awesome, this took forever on Xbox One. These faster load speeds are really nice to see.

Too bad I already have beaten the game (twice) on console. But the experience was good on Xbox One X too but of course not such loading times. Man I would have saved time …

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This game is also receiving a next gen patch right? If so I’m waiting for that to play it again


It is! I cannot wait, cuz I still have all the DLC to play. I’m super excited for it. :slight_smile:

Am I seeing that right that he’s only fast traveling a block away?

Yep, this one goes all the way though

Spoiler: Still insanely fast lol

That’s Toussaint. Awesome.

Velen is probably a bit longer then.

Thanks, that’s much more relevant. Loading something a block away is basically useless since some of that data is likely already loaded in memory.

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Alanah Pearce showed Witcher 3 in her video just now. It was in Velen. She had Geralt die and when she loaded latest save it took 12 seconds. This always takes forever on Xbox One X. Awesome.