The Witcher 3 kinda sucks!

So, I find this notice on a notice board

I’ve need of a man to guide me and me family cross the Pontar. Five of us in all - me, me wife, three young’uns - but they’s calm, not the crying or yelling sort, won’t give us away to the soldiers. I’m not rich, but whatever I’ve got I’ll give - in fact I’ll take on debt and go in someone’s service - anything, long as it gets me out of Velen. Please, someone, hear my plea.

– Radost

And the note is not in any quests and I cant find it anywhere online.

After a bit of research it turns out some notices on notice boards are just fluff and dont result in a quest.


I mean how are people meant to know this?

Plus its an absolute shit show riding the dam horse about you keep on bumping in to things, theres not enough paths or open space, and it does not help things that you cant put custom waypoints on.


It’s a nod to the book readers, I enjoyed it quite a bit. :slight_smile:

Thats great for the people who read the books but for most people its terrible design.

Because it’s not present in your quests list?

Agree though that some parts of TW3 can be a bit annoying. I gave up my first play through when the Griffin tutorial bugged out and I ran out of bombs. Did pick it up again later and played through the main game, most of the side stuff and the two expansions. It’s worth fighting through the little niggles as it’s a great game.


No, the note i posted in the OP does not appear in the quest lists or glossary.

I’m not sure what’s the problem really?

I mean, its pretty clear what is a quest and what isnt. There is a menu of quests lol

iirc notes that are not quests add stuff on the map like point of interests, chests etc

It’s a great game, op.


I think you can double tap A to make the horse follow paths.

This thread actually made me wanna replay it lol. Hope we get some news about that next-gen upgrade soon!

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Actually, I’m pretty sure Roach follow paths automatically if I’m not mistaken. I don’t remember having to double tap or anything.

I think you just hold A?

It’s been a while. :sweat_smile:



This is the first I have ever seen the complaint about the notice boards. Can’t say I ever had a problem distinguishing between which notes were quests and which were just for flavor.

I’m not too fond of it, its a beautiful game and I like some of the mechanics but the things I enjoy most about RPG’s aren’t there

Not very deep customization ei you can’t turn Geralt into an archer, use stealth or a mage etc. Also the game is very clunky and I don’t like the UI much

A lot of waifu’s in the game though.

Yeah its my opinion, but rather just say that, why not try and use some reasoning and examples for why you disagree…otherwise you look stupid.

It does not say though, so u see a note on the board and think “that looks a cool quest” you take the note and then it disappears with no indication on what that note is. How is this not terrible game design? in games like GTA there are things like phone numbers you can ring to buy a house or order some service or meet some person, but these things end up just being window dressing, the difference is though these things are not presented in the same way as missions.

It does not work that well, my roach has a mind of its own and goes where it wants to lol.

Relax, I was just joking around with that gif. You’re, and everyone else, is free to think what they want about any game. However there is never a need to make things personal or call people names, so consider this a warning. Keep the conversation friendly please.