The Upcoming King of Fighters XV Review Xbox Era Review - Help me cover this game!

I am working on the Xbox Era review of The King of Fighters XV and I’d like you guys to help make sure I cover every question you may have. I know our fighting community here isn’t the largest since Xbox fell off the genre the past 8 years or so but please hit this thread up with any and every question you have about the game so that I can do as comprehensive a review as possible.


How much single player content does the game have? Is there a trial mode? How difficult do the trials get if so?

What kind of options can you set in the training mode?

Since the game isn’t out yet im not sure if you’re able to go online with it but how does the netcode feel when playing online?


Never got around to playing KoF 14 as much as I would’ve liked.

I’m much more of a Tekken/Soul Calibur dude. KoF is overwhelming the second you realize there’s 3 different ways to jump :sweat_smile:

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-does the game show ping and indicate if the opponent is on wifi or not when you queue up for a match? -what sort of options are present in training mode? -how easy is couch play and connection two controllers for vs. mode? -do the lobbies allow for more than two people to have a match concurrently? -is there an option to turn off rush combos (auto combos)

I mean, the game has already had two open betas, so people in general know what to expect. but these are the questions that are still lingering


I’ll keep trying online but I’m not holding out much hope for getting a match going before embargo

  • Balance
  • Roster
  • Pro side
  • New mechanics
  • New ways to play
  • Price | content

These points I’m gonna cover them in my review for sure so I guess it’s suit yours as well ?

Can I buttonmash my way to victory?

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I’m buying this game day one. Have the Omega edition Pre ordered.

KoF is one of the harder fighting games to master. It doesn’t have flashy moves and style of some other fighting games but has a really deep and engaging mechanical system.

I’m looking forward to seeing what single player modes they have in relation too challenges and tutorials. I think any modern era Fighting game needs to have a good tutorial mode and not just here’s practice and you can read the moves by yourself. I’m hoping this game does that.

I haven’t played KOF since 13 on 360 and that’s due to KOF14 skipping xbox. I’m so happy this game is coming to Series X/S(no Xbox one version at all, unfortunately)

And you’re right about the fighting community. Unfortunately, Sony and Capcom obliterated that Fighting crowd on Xbox with SFV Exclusivity.

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Just like in most fighting games…you can on easy.

i had the same issue with windjammers :confused:

Thankfully this game had an open beta, it felt good there if you had a 4 or 5 star connection. It has rollback code, so I’ll just have to make it clear that if you have that level of connection it should feel great.

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My big question is: how good is the netcode?

In the open beta is was solid as long as your connection was rated at 4 or 5 stars, I honestly cannot test it before the embargo

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Ahhhhhh, sounds good.

Why would you want to? Honest question

Like, if you’re gonna commit to purchasing and playing… why not learn the actual ropes? Fighting games have so much to offer. It’s a shame so many just wanna smash buttons and never bother learning the fundamentals of the game and at least one character. It’s like buying a guitar and never learning a chord.

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Win at any cost! Even your own gamer soul!!!

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any idea if the new zealand trick will work for this game?

Basically this, plus is the training mode any good? does it help new players learning the ropes? I’ve never played KoF seriously before so it would be good to know.

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glances at guitar on the wall… Yeah, that would be crazy…who would do that?


For the main game yes. Not sure about early access but it did for lost judgment. If youre buying delux. Give it a shot.

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