The Series X is sold out in most stores hours after preorders started in Brazil

Microsoft officially started the Series X|S preorders in Brazil today and, despite its high price, the Series X is already sold out in most of the biggest stores (Submarino, Americanas, Shoptime, Ponto Frio, Casas Bahia, Extra and Kabum).

The Series X is still available on Amazon.

The PlayStation 5 is still available on all those stores despite being available for more than a week.


Here is hoping they find a way to drop the price for Xboxers in Brazil. Gotta take care of the base and MS is finally catering to it’s base.

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Xbox Game Pass has to be a factor too though? You save a lot of money on games compared to the other consoles.


Sure but as I am not a Brazilian so I do not know how much it affects the bottom line. It may be true.

How does Xbox usually do in Brazil?

Brazil is actually very different to other countries when the subject is price drop.

First of all, the gray market is very strong in here. There are a lot of little stores who import the consoles on their own and sell them for a lower price than the one that is officially sold by Microsoft — but whoever buys from the gray market usually sacrifices the one-year guarantee and stuff like that.

Nonetheless, sales are a lot more common in here than in the US. The One X launched in Brazil at a R$ 4,000 price, but I bought it from an official store a few months later for R$ 2,600.

Game Pass has been receiving a lot of word of mouth lately which is certainly helping.

Game Pass has been around for quite a while now, but it is common to see people who don’t know much about it. And most of the time it is simply because it seems too good to be true. PlayStation has been dominant this generation, and its users have certainly heard of Game Pass, but the idea of having over 200 games for a small monthly price is so absurd that makes them think that they did not understand the concept correctly.

To add fuel into the Game Pass argument, Sony has been shooting itself in the foot lately. The prices in the brazilian PS Store have significantly gone up twice only this year. Marvel’s Avengers, for example, which was being sold for R$ 249 in the PS Store, is now being sold for R$ 309! Then we see how Sony has increased the new releases prices in the US to $70 per game, which results in PS5 games being sold for R$ 350 in Brazil. It is A LOT of money (a third of the minimum national wage), and PS4 users are heavily considering going to Xbox now.

What is interesting is that while the Series X is sold out in most of the stores, the Series S is not. Maybe Microsoft has allocated a higher stock of the Series S in here because it is a cheaper alternative for a country in a bad situation economics-wise. Or maybe people who preorder are enthusiasts who are more likely to go for the best console despite the price.

Xbox was really strong during the 360 days, but it was mainly due to the console being easily hackable compared to the PS3 and piracy still being really strong at the time. But this generation PS4 is a lot more popular than the One. I used to play FIFA on the PS4, and the impression I have is that there were at least double the players online there than on the One version I play now.

We don’t have exact numbers for Brazil, but according to VGChartz PS4 has supposedly sold 19.61 million units in the “Rest of the World” category, which excludes North America, Europe and Japan. Xbox One has supposedly sold 4.76 million in this cattegory.

Still according to VGChartz, PS3 has supposedly sold 12.53 million in the RotW category, while the 360 has supposedly sold 9.16 million. PlayStation has supposedly sold 50% more this generation, while Xbox has supposedly sold 50% less.

It was BIG in 360 days. Specially after Kinect. Remember the wii craze? We got that for Kinect instead. Everywhere you would go there would be a gathering of people dancing in front of one. And a must have in any family party too.

Xbone was obviously a huge drop from that, but people say it does have a footing in the market, albeit almost exclusively digital. Retail wise and the used market is currently dominated by the ps4 these days.

Most of the retailers I spoke to said it’s something like that :

Customers go to the store looking for ps4. Those ylwho afford get it. Those who are more price sensitive leave with an S and gamepass.

Though, with the dollar rising I imagine the gamepass effect is becoming bigger. Playstation price games are increasing to insane levels and people are noticing that the games are cheaper on Xbox and that gamepass is a thing.

Anectodal but the EA play partnership was also very well received here for Fifa.


At this point I really worry how many are made

Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are on the top spots on the Games and Consoles category on (Brazil). PS5 is in fact behind.


Good to hear. :slight_smile:

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jfc, if Xbox starts to lead in hardware sales globally, the meltdown will be something to see.


The Series X is now soldout in every big official store in Brazil.

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So how long was the time span from where pre-orders went live to now?

Most of the big stores soldout in the first day, but for some reason the Amazon stock only soldout today (18 days later) — even after being on the top spot on the Games and Consoles category as showed by @giovane. The PS5 is still available in every store even though it started taking preorders two weeks earlier.

Damn, I can’t wait for Nov 10!! I secured mine on a local store, hope it arrives on day one.

Amazon has not yet offered any discount coupons. I am waiting 10% again to buy the X. The PS5 is having much bigger discounts and has not sold out, it got to be for 3800 at Kabum with the prime.

Brazil <3’s Xbox.