The Series S makes a compelling case for 343i to drop the Xbox One and X version of Halo Infinite

Before I could understand (although I didn’t approve) of not wanting to cut off current gen Xbox owners from Halo. However at this point between the S being priced so economically friendly, in addition to the All Access plan, I really hope 343i makes the right choice to drop the One/X version of the game as the barrier to entry is so low even during the global economic recession.

Don’t drop the multiplayer, that is F2P anyways. You might want to drop the campaign. That would also be okay, as Xbox One owners won’t pay the same price, but get less content.

But honestly if it’s worth it, they should do it. If not, then don’t. I have no idea if last gen in the issue for Halo Infinite development. So far I don’t think so.

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Just because the SS exists doesn’t mean the One needs to be dropped. There’s no difference in this conversation than in the other thread about dropping Xbox One support.


Y’know when I first heard about Infinite being crossplat I was puzzled because the Xbox One has barely sold 50 million units. If Sony made this decision with Miles Morales, it would make a ton more sense because there are nearly 120 million PS4 owners out there to sell the game to.

But then I realized why they would target the platform: By doing so, they would make the game compatible with hundreds of millions of PCs out there.

The X1 hardware was surpassed by laptops made the year after it was released. By being widely compatible, it could have the same reach as Fortnite, something that can run on any PC. Games like League of Legends rake in cash because the barrier to entry is low. It wasn’t meant to be a Crysis, a game that would force gamers to upgrade their PCs to play. It’s meant to be a GTA5 (remember, it released on the 360/PS3 first), a game that could sell well on PC because it ran on any machine.

Had Infinite been a next gen only title, made ground up with ray tracing, leveraging the SSD to its full potential, using mesh shaders for advanced polygon culling, using texture sampling (all of these being DX12U features)… You would need a DX12U compatible card (there’s not many out here right now) and guaranteed IO speeds that can match the XSX with a faster than 4GBps SSD to make up for bottlenecks. And GDDR6 memory. There are few of those machines out there and not many of those will be built in the next year by the general audience.

So the issue here is PC, really.

There’s an irony in Flight Sim pushing people to upgrade PCs when it’s running on DX11 with none of the fancy hardware features I mentioned. As such the game could be simplified and work on the Xbox One.

I generally agree with your point, but if it can run on the X1 it can run on any PC and for the game to hit Fortnite levels of success it needs to run on any PC.

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They can’t just flick a switch it doesn’t work like that. Dropping the Xbox One would make those 5 years and extra year delay absolutely worthless and plain stupid.

Now I could see them drop support for it a lot faster if the Series X|S sell a lot of consoles in the first 12-18 months, dropping support as in leaving it behind and not giving it any more updates like new modes and bigger maps or something like that. This would have to happen maybe 1-2 years after it’s launch though they wouldn’t just drop it after 6 months.

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If it doesn’t release on Xbox One, do you suddenly feel better about the game or something? I don’t see how it’s relevant, the game design is already complete; any game coming within the first 1-2 years is already locked in for it’s gameplay design. That does not stop them from having higher fidelity models, particle fx, lighting, textures etc etc on the Xbox Series X|S.

Stop giving 343 weird excuses for their faux pas.

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No, I’m sorry but it’s nonsense the notion that they need to drop Xbone consoles.

If CDPR can create one of the most complex games ever supporting xbone and still having a Pc version that’s well above almost everything else graphically, then 343 should too. No excuses, no cuts no nothing.

Halo Infinite has to blow our socks off graphically when it releases and it must support all the Xbox family natively.

The 1S I could see dropping - nothing really plays well on it at this point anyway except for Indies and older games. However, the 1X is too new to drop, and it will anger a lot of players of those consoles to do so - not talking about the ones that visit this site but those that pick up the occasional game, and bought the 1X in the last year or two

Not that Halo Infinite’s reputation was one of the best at the moment… BUT abandoning the Xbox One version would be very bad for Microsoft / Xbox. It would undermine their trust with consumers. Just what MS / Xbox are looking for right now, this is simply out of the question for me. moreover Xcloud is based on Xbox One S without version of Xone is without version for Xcloud. absolutely sure that MS doesn’t want that.


From its inception, the game has been built to run on current gen hardware. Dropping support for the One, at this point, would serve no purpose other than make some people feel better about it, for whatever reason.


I agree in principle but if it stays on the One systems it needs to be out by the end of next year. Later than that and it starts to make less sense to me.

I think the elephant in the room is the base xbox one and xbox one s being hard to account for. I really think xbox Series X allows them to drop campaign and make it exclusive to series X/S, but could make multiplayer work for XB1. Anyways, it seems like a tough task, and hopefully delaying game allows them to provide a great experience for everybody, but PR wise I don’t think they’ll take too big of a hit if they drop campaign support for XB1

The main issue that Halo Infinite was designed to be cross gen. As such, it is too late to scrap the project and start over. It would not surprise me that a future Infinite update would transition away from the Xbox One family.

No. The game was designed and announced for the Xbox One. I’d be very annoyed if they dropped it.

Just Say No.

If you look at what the game already produces on cost MS have to regain it somewhere. This only works if you leverage your existing this gen user base.

So no, not gonna happen. The argument for playing it on next gen will be next gen features and next gen convenience factors like vastly improved loading times between levels or starting up the game right into the action.