The rumored open world Harry Potter RPG could be breathtaking

Games showcased for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X suggest a next-generation Harry Potter RPG has great graphical and mechanical potential.

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I thought that “leaked” video a couple years back looked promising. I personally do not care for Harry Potter, but my Mom adores the franchise. This might be one of the few games she would actually play :smile:.


I’m excited! Hopefully we see more on 22 August

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Wait, so Keanu Reeves is in it?

In all seriousness, I’ve been looking forward to this one ever since I heard of it what - 2 years ago? , and it still hasn’t been announced. Guess I’d rather have it be good instead of coming out tomorrow though…

Yeah, it’s been a while. May be wishful thinking, but I’m hoping they’ve only been silent due to plans to release it as a next gen exclusive. It would be crazy on the X.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for this

Not a fan of Harry Potter at all. My sons on the other hand will absolutely love this.

If done right, this could be one of my favorite games in a LONG time.

not going to lie, i’m gonna be “mad” if they hit it out of the park with HP instead of LOTR

If this game is a hit I think the chances of a LOTR RPG goes up but there’s supposed to be a new MMO in development for LOTR so maybe not!

I’ve been waiting for a quality HP game for years, I really hope it’s not one that Sony has time locked.

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That gameplay trailer a few years ago was awesome, it actually still is. Having recently seen all 8 movies in the cinema again and still really enjoying them too…i want this game to be dope as hell. There’s a lot of potential. Do you think we’ll play as Harry or probably a new student?

I think it’ll be a new student. I’m hoping it’s set before the films and before Voldemort personally.