The Outer Worlds has sold 2.8 million copies to date, GTA V is still a golden goose

In May it was at 2.5 million

Meanwhile, Sony and Rockstar have a deal for GTA V and PS 5. Players will be able to grab GTA Online in the first 3 months with PS Plus and they’ll be able to keep it.

I don’t understand how people are still buying this game in 2020 it’s so old now. They’ve even given it away for free yet still selling. Cool to see ToW do well 2.8m units sold while the game is also on game pass day 1 is amazing.

The Outer Worlds sales are great. That was one of my fav games of the gen and I’m very excited for the DLC. Obsidian is bae.

It is a platform.

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GTA Online is really popular. It has that same kind of YouTube presence like Minecraft.

Not everyone is super niche enthusiast level. GTA has mass appeal like so few other IPs do. Also that online support is just never ending at this point. Good on Rockstar’s behalf tbh.

Man I’m happy Outer Worlds sold well. Obsidian can do no wrong.

The Outer World :heart_eyes:

GTA V is immortal. With the next-gen ports I expect it to reach 200m.

So happy for Obsidian. I expect the sequel to do gangbusters. But Avowed should be their best yet with a Microsoft budget.

Good for Outer Worlds Obsidian absolutely deservers to have a successful product. Couple that with Grounded breaking 1 million players! Good times ahead.

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Obsidian is going to do big things with a bigger budget