The Official "Xbox is Doomed" Thread

Please post all of your doom and gloom in here.

Your “THIS IS JUST LIEK 2013 ALL OVER AGAIN!!!” goes here.

Doom Gifs go here.

But DOOM gifs do not go here.

No DOOM, only doom.

Doom Eternal was so good, for real.

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Uh excuse me, this thread is about doom, not DOOM.

DOOM is not allowed. Only doom.

Oh, my mistake. I’ll go talk about DOOM somewhere else then. Have a good thread!

I mean this is bad. Kind of like an unforced error in Microsoft’s part. But it’s not the end of Xbox that some say. I wish I could just understand the thinking behind this. It can’t be just wanting to force people to Gamepass…

Do we really need a thread like this at an Xbox community? What is the point? Will people use this to vent? Will they feel better after doing so?

Just stay off the usual hate sites and twitter for a few days and play some games.

It’s kind of venting thread yeah

Hey friends, locking this thread because encouraging people to vent doesn’t seem like it will result in good conversation. This doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to criticize elsewhere as long as you do it respectfully and don’t spam.