The Not E3 June Showcase 2024 Leaks and Spoilers

Its okay. We have that rumored Nintendo Direct! … And the rest of our lives! :rofl:

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Surely it will show up at the direct!

El Grinch


What did you think of the show? I thought it was amazing, with one minor quibble being that i would have loved me an indie sizzle reel in there. Some of the best surprises came from that section in the past.

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The best thing was that no game disappointed me in any sense.

Most games sees improvement or out right knocked everything out of the park.

Fable is my game from my beloved studio. And perfect dark lived up to the organic growth that Xbox wanted.

Wait for 2025 release starts now. Good thing is i will have Avowed and Indiana Jones to kill time till then. That’s how much great there lineup is.