The Medium is delayed to January 28


Yeah Cyberpunk is releasing on December 10. Probably for the best.


Cyberpunk was going to eat it.

Oh damn. Though yeah, October-December was ridiculously packed as is.

So many delays lately, which is completely understandable.

I just don’t understand how fast things change. The Medium got a release date on October 9, only to be delayed on November 6. Cyberpunk, The Avengers and Control also got delayed soon after revealing a release date / time frame.

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More room to breathe away from Cyberpunk, and possibly time for a bit of extra polish, sounds good to me.

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Cyberpunk forcing game launches now!

Thats ok. Take your time Bloober.

Hoping Cyberpunk won’t be delayed again!

By the way, I don’t think Cyberpunk would have much of an impact on the Medium. It is a Game Pass console exclusive game that is almost being seen as a firsty-party game for Microsoft. It is not like people would have to choose between buying Cyberpunk and The Medium.

Many people would probably not play it on launch. But that’s the beauty of Game Pass, the game is there for you to play whenever you want, without having to sacrifice other games’ money to buy it!

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Thats a shame, but on the bright side its not to big of a wait.


Right call for the game, but Cyberpunk better come out on the 10th. Beyond Watch Dogs, I don’t have a ton of new stuff to play on Series X until I pick up Falconeer at Christmas.

Good point that I did not consider.

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Disappointing but yeah…timing was not gonna work here. Cyberpunk would kill it.

i’m fine with the delay since I’ll be busy with; Yakuza, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, and some of my backlog .

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Good choice and I’ll be more likely to play it.

It’s not a big deal. Plenty to play.

As for Cyberpunk,…I’ll believe it when I see it. :wink:

Ha ha, same here. I’ve been burned enough that I’m just gonna consider it vaporware until I launch it!

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Heart attack