The Medium : Behind the scenes - Gamescom 2020

I thought the show yesterday was the only thing but it seems there’s a day 2 as well with new trailers, new announcements and here we have something new from The Medium. I truly hope Bloober will have something special on their hands here.

And a interview


definitely my most anticipated Series X game set for this year. Hopefully Bloober finally breaks through with a universal hit.



Many thanks for sharing!


Absolutely! :slight_smile:

What I wonder is, can we split the screen whenever we want or does this happen at certain moments? We see parts where it’s the full screen of one world, and other parts shows split screen. If we can choose to enable whenever we want, I’d like that.

Nope, it’s not player controlled. The dev has said the game shall sometimes switch perspectives, show both at same time, show one bigger than the other, or show just one, it’s probably the case that all of these scenarios are fixed and not player controlled or at least to the extent you’re expecting.


Which would make sense, as the mechanic is there to support the narrative. If it was free to use, it could harm narrative and moments get overseen.

Yeah it does make sense. It looks to be a really interesting game and I really hope it turns out well. I must say Troy Baker’s voice as the creature is awesome.

Great timing with this thread. Thanks for posting. :+1:


Looking forward to this!!!

Looking good for sure, very interested in this game and well I have been since its original reveal. Getting the Silent Hill composer onboard may have been a large factor in my eyes.

Man I can’t wait for this! Troy may be an “over used” voice actor, but man, he def nails that creatures “voice.” Hoping this game turns out to be as good as it looks. Could really take a lot of ppl by surprise I think. :slight_smile:

The most exciting horror game in years for me. Looks stunning. Can’t wait!