The Matrix Awakens (An Unreal Engine 5 Experience) (Xbox Series X|S, PS5)

This project has been in the works for over a year apparently, and the acquisition happened very recently, not that surprised tbh.

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Procedural generation of placement or procedural generation of the assets? Even if just the former, it should be easy enough to not have them overlap and not have their be copies in close proximity to the buildings being copied.

It’s just a tech demo, does it really matter if the assets aren’t that unique?

Depends on the purpose of the demo. If the aim is showcase how small dev teams can make something photoreal AND compete with AAA teams, I would think placement would be something to target. But then again, it isn’t something they highlighted themselves either from a tech pov, so clearly it’s not something they are focused on atm.

Could be both. Asset generation for sure, their team was not big enough to build so many buildings. They used Houdini and afaik you can do all this stuff with it.

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