The Matrix Awakens (An Unreal Engine 5 Experience) (Xbox Series X|S, PS5)


So apparently it’s not just a 3D visualiser, but more like a blend between movies, 3D environments, animation and a bit of gameplay ? All done in UE5 ? It sounds crazy, yeah.

I’m still downloading at the moment, but from what I’ve seen from videos online, it feels like an experience you don’t want to miss if you’re a fan of The Matrix, Keanu Reeves or just want to get a taste of UE5.

From the article :

  • The city is 4,138 km wide and 4.968 km long, slightly larger than the size of downtown Los Angeles
  • The city surface is 15.79 km2
  • The city perimeter is 14.519 km long
  • There are 260 km of roads in the city
  • There are 512 km of sidewalk in the city
  • There are 1,248 intersections in the city
  • There are 45,073 parked cars, of which 38,146 are drivable and destructible
  • There are 17,000 simulated traffic vehicles on the road that are destructible
  • 7,000 buildings
  • 27,848 lamp posts on the street side only
  • 12,422 sewer holes
  • Almost 10 million unique and duplicated assets were created to make the city
  • The entire world is lit by only the sun, sky and emissive materials on meshes. No light sources were placed for the tens of thousands of street lights and headlights. In night mode, nearly all lighting comes from the millions of emissive building windows
  • 35,000 simulated MetaHuman pedestrians
  • Average polygon count? 7000k buildings made of 1000s of assets and each asset could be up to millions of polygons so we have several billions of polygons to make up just the buildings of the city

These details are insane !

What’s the purpose of this ? Marketing ?

If you can play it yourself, don’t watch :


The infamous 2020 demo or…

They mean the in-engine cinematic trailers? Who tf thought that.


The Coalition worked on this :


Coalition and Ninja Theory get special Unreal treatment from Epic btw :wink:


I think it’s definitely next gen and neat.

It’s a demo with bare minimum mechanics (except car physics)

Lighting and Streaming is the most impressive. Resolution upscaling is also neat

But I have seen these similar things on PC already… With Redux mods of GTA5. The only difference here is that UE5 is more accurate here.

Although, the demo fails to impress the material of the buildings around. Which I think wasn’t the scope of the demo anyway.

Interesting tidbit about Matrix’s history with video games;

Many people believe the best selling launch title for PS2 was actually the Matrix DVD. It was many peoples first DVD player and the Matrix was the first must own DVD.


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That in-engine cinematic Halo Infinite reveal .

Looks really really good, but driving and the driving physics suck.

I think current state of UE5 is very suited for lots of static geometry like rocks, buildings and such. Not a lot of vegetation in this city. But perfect for Hellblade in Iceland.

na there are some really fucking good tech videos on youtube that are using UE5 to make forests and grass . The major thing UE5 struggles with is Transparency .

It’s all very smooth at 30fps until you start driving, the demo does not like that here, and neither do I with how the framrrate drops, haha. Still great though. Really cool to drive and walk around.

tbh that’s majority of CG lol. I figure Overdraw is a big issue and transparent objects and vegetation (trees and leaves) usually are the worst culprits when it comes to that.

Truth be told, I already thought this was the case (because I’ve watched The Matrix waayyyy too many times) but this is absolutely flabbergasting -


I honestly had a hard time seeing if Keanu was the real one or UE5. That very first part where he walks around, I don’t know , that still looks real to me while other parts you can see it’s not real. Unless I am wrong and everything is UE5 as soon as you start it.

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Basically: the very beginning (with him at the desk) is the game - The start of the white room is real - It transitions to game - then real again when he looks in the mirror - then everything after is the game. It is absolutely the first time a game has legitimately left me in awe.

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Yeah it’s crazy. It actually reminds me of GTA IV and/or V with mods on PC, the bits where you walk and drive around. Imagine GTA 6 with this many cars on screen in the city, jeeeeeeeezzzzzz.

Or a next gen Watch Dogs.

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Is anyone else unable to run the demo on their XSX? I downloaded it, however I can’t get passed the “Enter” screen. I press A and nothing happened. I press up for settings and nothing happens. Nothing happens no matter what button on the controller I use. I uninstaller and redownloaded it and the same thing. What am I doing wrong?

Were you using (wireless) headphones by chance? I had this nonsense with the indie game I am Fish earlier this year. I had to turn off the headset, press A and it worked. It was the same with that Final Fantasy souls like demo.

This might help it.

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