The Line

Classic-style Halo BTB map to utilize all vehicles and balanced symmetrical large-scale gameplay. Two fort bases oversee a central battle trench for this head-to-head layout.

Initial inspiration was from past Halo games, and designed as a first test map to create a balanced map that brings out some unique gameplay with the buried trench between two secured team bases. Both teams have all the BTB favorite vehicles and weapons, sniper roosts and CQB trench cover while still mercilessly open. Ideal for CTF with flag points placed deep within each base for Castle-Wars level tug-of-war.

READ BEFORE PLAYING: If possible, please disable the Line-Of-Sight checks on Respawns in the game overrides. In team modes, this is recommended as due to Forge bugs the respawning can glitch. In Free For All, game may not work without this enabled. Free For All has also been included in this map design if desired but likely requires this setting.