The Last of Us Part II turns 2 years old. How do you feel 2 years later?

Best game I’ve ever played graphically. Awesome gameplay that I preferred to TLOU1 (stealth and crafting centered gameplay is just not my preference, I appreciated that it was easier to play TLOU2 in a run-and-gun style).

Story wise, it’s wonderful, but didn’t hit the heights of TLOU1 for me. So I prefer 1 to 2 overall because story is the primary thing I care about.

But man, what a great game. Naughty Dog doesn’t miss.

  • Combat and AI are fantastic
  • I thought it was too long by about 5-8 hours.
  • I thought the open-world sections were weaker. Stick to linear.
  • I absolutely and utterly missed the trans elements to the game, to my shame. I literally did not even pick up on it, either visually or via the script. So when people started the discourse about it online I was like “who are they talking about?”.
  • I appreciated the narrative decision of the big surprise early in the game. Well done.
  • I did not however, enjoy the playable character swap. I spent a good hour or so just jumping to my death off a building to punish the character. I also felt that the attempts to make the character sympathetic were too on the nose and I was very much “I get what .you are trying to do here and it won’t work”

  • the ending was fantastic. Gameplay wise I was so OP that I felt like Predator.

They missed with the last 2 mainline uncharted games for me. 4 was a chore to play. They need to make another JAk game

I currently feel a little tired. Also a tad hungry

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You mean Uncharted 3 and 4? U4 was disappointing for me but I enjoyed 3 but not as much as 2. Lost Legacy is my favorite Uncharted game and the series best in my opinion. Basically, takes all the good from the previous four games and combines it all into one action packed adventure.

Naughty Dog is highly unlikely to ever make a new Jak & Daxter game nor should they. They’re a top 5 development studio in general and to waste them on J&D would be massively disappointing in my opinion.

As indifferent towards the game as I was on release.

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I mean 3 and 4 but more so 4. Didnt enjoy 3 as much but can forgive it for being a ps3 game coming from uncharted 2. I havent played LL but hear its much better than 4.

Its not a waste. Theyre bigger than insomniac snd they worked in multiple games.

Its only a waste if you care about them making the same games. If they were truly bold put out a platformer on the level of a mario odyssey…a more mature rated one.

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You should definitely play Lost Legacy. Takes the visuals of U4 and increases them, has the melee combat of U3, the action sequences of U2 and a good ending boss fight. Plus, due to playing as Chloe with Nadine, feels like Uncharted 1 in regards to it being new and fresh for the most part. Pacing is also far better than U4.

It’s a waste because it would be seen as Naughty Dog going backwards. If you’ve noticed they went from Crash to J&D to Uncharted to Last of Us. I’m expecting a new IP to further get away from the past games.

An M rated platformer with combat does sound interesting though.

I would like to see J&D trilogy get the remake treatment similar to Ratchet 2016 since I have never played them and since they have combat and whatnot, im much more interested. Straight forward platformers haven’t been for me in a very long time. And the few I played the last decade were 2D as I prefer them over 3D.

Sony should have acquired Sumo Digital as they did a good job with Sackboy (good solid game but way too kiddy for me personally) and Little Big Planet 3. I think they would have been a good fit for remaking J&D or a new entry.