The Last of Us Part I Rebuilt for PS5 - Features and Gameplay Trailer

All of these new features are nice, but as a huge fan of the original game, it is pretty annoying that Playstation is asking 70 dollars for updates that should either be free or at best 20 dollars.


Definitely a much better showing than some videos with dodgy colour settings, looks good to me but I might also wait till it’s cheaper.


Awfully expensive for a Remaster of a Remaster. It should be a $10 upgrade patch at most, preferably it should be a free update.


70 dollars is insulting and I don’t use that word lightly


Looks great and is the definitive version but it’s much more of a remaster as opposed to remaking the combat and gameplay which is what I was expecting because if not, why bother? Oh well. It will still review and sell extremely well. It’s still a masterpiece unlike part 2 so it’s got these few things going for it.


Cool. Don’t have a PS5 so I’m glad by the time I get a Ps5 this will be on the PS Premium. I suspect this game will get a Price drop fast.

I originally played TLOU back on PS4 for the first time and that game was well worth the full price. And it had Multiplayer.


The closest thing to a gameplay improvement was them showing numbers next to enemies implying the AI is much smarter. Spending minutes on haptic feedback…it’s just a bummer how easy they can get away with selling water to fish.


They cant get away with it too much as they know with the rise of sub services they aren’t gonna make their money back by overcharging for these older games. Couple that with them struggling to meet demand for hardware and Xbox doing better this gen…we aren’t in a generation where they get to dictate how the market works like in the PS4 gen.


They need to understand not everyone buys games Paul price either. I just got kena and disco Elysiam on the ps store sale for 20 and 23. They arnt making a lot of profit off me in those but that’s me being a smart consumer. How many people who bought the last of us 2 bought it on sale? I know I did. 20 Bucks in December


I still can’t believe they showed a debug (?) version of the game to demonstrate their AI improvements…like really? was that a serious attempt at showing the improved AI routines or a bad joke? :confused_wat:

Something doesn’t feel right about this project, why would ND take charge of this project when all the subtle improvements that they made in this were easily doable by the other studio that originally pitched the remake idea? to me it seems that this remake was gonna be a lot more than what it ended up being with probably ND wanting to improve/change things a lot more but maybe it proved to be a lot of work and the higher ups at Sony didn’t want ND to take resources away from Factions 2.0 or didn’t want to invest more money into this? hopefully we’ll learn more from Schreier in the future about this “remake”. :male_detective: :thinking:


So PS exclusive is vulnerable after all. And it took TLOU game to make it visible, the one game I truly loved. That’s quite the feat…

What helps PS right now is that Xbox does not make the same games…When Xbox (it should I hope) starts doing that, people will start ask questions…

I mean hell blade 2 is a new game. Wont be 70 bucks and will be day 1 gamepass.

But it is not out yet to make comparisons. Until people will see the game of HB2 caliber in GP, they won’t understand.

looks good . Not worth $70 tho .

Nothing Sony does (or doesn’t do) will ever change that the original TLOU for me was a masterpiece, my 2013 goty and my 360/PS3 gotg. Thankfully, I have already played the original and remaster three times combined. No reason for a 4th playthrough. I’ll just keep the memories I have of it intact.

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TLOU Part I will still sell millions and millions of copies in September. User install base is over 20m. I put it at 3m for September especially when it’s pretty much empty as is October until Gotham Knights.

You need to divide that number in half because they sold the game twice, already… :troll:

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