The Last Case of Benedict Fox - Gameplay Trailer

Take on the last case of Benedict Fox, and dive into a twisted world of secret organizations, forbidden rituals, and cold-blooded murders. Explore the memories of deceased victims as you search for clues, and fight demons in this fantastical Lovecraftian Metroidvania.

Coming Spring 2023.


Not into metroidvania games but Benedict Fox is looking really good.

You’re the anti-me; I will play anything metroidvania.

Hahaha. I tried with Ori and Bloodstained. They didn’t last long. The constant backtracking just turns me off in a 2D platformer. If they were like Super Castlevania IV on SNES which is straight forward level by level until the end, they would be day one or at least very close to it for me.

I assume you liked Jedi Fallen Order and Batman Arkham Asylum, those are 3D metroidvanias

Haha. True. I loved Jedi Fallen Order. Played halfway through Asylum. With 2D games, I simply get bored to be honest because im going to left to right or right to left and after a while, I get to the point where im done. lol

This is looking awesome.

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