The KFConsole is real?

It’s basically just a gaming PC really, but you CAN warm up your chicken with it too. And those specs aren’t anything to sneeze at.

I love that Xbox replied to it as well

Wait, this thing is real? I thought it was just some joke! What the hell, how much is this thing going to cost?

I would be pretty embarrassed to show people that I own a gaming PC by KFC with a built in food warmer.

The details on that aren’t known yet, I’m quite curious myself, haha. It’s basically just a really powerful pc it seems. Specs wise it seems to eat up the next gen? Pun intended.

It’s totally fucking crazy and anyone would think it was a joke, but it actually seems to be real, lol. I find it hilarious to be honest.

Personally I just need a Burger King-Console. Have it make a Big King XXL for me, haha.

I assume it is real in the same way that the XSX refrigerator is real.

I imagine it could be priced higher because it’s a collectible novelty?

Also imagine that calling it a console is misleading because it probably runs on Windows, doesn’t feature its own online gaming service, etc. But it’s a nifty little PC.

Which could explain their friendly banter from Xbox. It’s simply going to be yet another vehicle for Gamepass. Once this console is out, here’s hoping to a marketing tie in where buying a bucket of chicken can get you 2 weeks of GP. :laughing:


I would 100% buy this for the lols :smiley:

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The choice of an Intel I9 CPU will definitely keep the chicken compartment warm. Still can’t believe they are actually going to produce this to some degree.