The Initiative game could be not the game we are waiting for

I’m quite worry cause i tought It would be a AAAA game story mode

XboxEra -> the internet -> XboxEra



Something can also be AAA and episodic.

Please see Hitman Season 1.


Personally, im hoping that The Initiative’s game a fully complete base game. If it’s linear, give me a 15-20 hour action packed game with great story and characters as well as excellent combat/gameplay. If it’s open world, then give me a smaller condensed but packed world for like 40-50 hours with all what I just mentioned.

Either way, im hoping that it’s a fully complete base game that ends up being at least an 8/10 for me personally and I’ll be happy.

If it’s episodic, I will do one of two things, wait for all the episodes to be released and play it as a full and complete game or if it’s not any good or just not what im hoping for, it gets skipped and I will wait to see what they do for their second game which would probably end the generation.


Why can’t they just make a regular ass singleplayer game? If this is what creative freedom gives us, I’d rather have them take out the whip so to speak.


I’ll just mirror my thoughts here that I posted a few days ago regarding the same.


The leaks or job postings about a game in development being AAAA builds hype and the people that were hired really create expectations from people and it’s understandable but technically Xbox and TI haven’t announced or confirmed anything.

Expectations and speculation can really ruin things. Many people thought it would be a full length cinematic action adventure (iirc) ala Sony. Also that it would be a new Perfect Dark or set in that universe. I guess that’s still possible.

That’s true. But waiting months for a new episode is not the way to go in my opinion. And with Hitman it was a few months. Tell my Why on the other hand was perfect, released very closely after each other. This is why I prefer how IO did it for Hitman 2 and I assume 3 too, a full experience at launch.

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I’m just curious to see what they’re doing, there’s definitely a ton of talent over there. I don’t really mind the genre or format, as long as the gameplay is good. I like what Supermassive is doing with The Dark Pictures Anthology (the format, not the games per se), something like this could be fun, getting a new story every 6-12 months.

As Ruthwik said though, I’m not sure that would work as well for people who aren’t subbed to GP, and it would probably be a disappointment to the people expecting a full blown 15-30h story driven/cinematic game.

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Tired of every day something new people bring up to be “concerned” about dealing with Xbox. I just really wish if people didn’t like Xbox they’d just play their other damn console. Literally everyday a new “concern” narrative gets concocted about Xbox.


I’m a PC Gamer and don’t interested to PS system. I’m proud to be a part of Xbox and i wanna see the best for It

I really don’t see why an episodic game can’t have a full blow 15-30h cinematic campaign.

Either way, better to wait until it’s announced before jumping to conclusions.

Being episodic could mean so many things there’s no point to assume the worst atm

The Initiative are what? 100 people max. And have been growing for past year. So in terms of a AAA style game you are looking at 2025 arguably longer. Cyberpunk just took 8 years to make.

And the Initiative aren’t a full studio yet. So let’s be realistic even with outsourcing their first project is going to be much smaller in scope than the next TLOU…

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same thought lol

@Shpeshal_Nick time for punishment I guess, shoud ve never ask about it any further :s

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You mean for the whole game or per episode? If per episode I would be more than fine with that. But if Life is Strange length…that’s really not too long. Assuming it’s a action adventure.

I believe it. The AAAA megagame hype for The Initiative never matched what we actually know about that studio. Whatever “AAAA” means. XGS will provide plenty of huge blockbuster experiences in the years to come, but not from The Initiative yet.

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Would be fine with ‘loosely’ connected 8-12 hour stories that are released every couple years tbh.

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I mean, my comments were more in relation to fanboy reactions and hyperbole around anything Microsoft does. Clearly it was poorly worded.

Like I see all the expectations around what Microsoft is doing. Most of them are kinda unrealistic.

Given some of the reactions I clearly should have worded what I said better.

Having said that, I still expect mostly bad reactions to their game if what we’ve heard winds up being true.

For me personally? I’m fine with the concept. It was never about my own opinion on what I’ve heard. It was more my opinion on how “the internet” will react to it at large. I even said myself that Microsoft never stated The Initiative would be their studio to make “Sony games” and yet that’s what most were/are expecting anyway.

That’s sort of where the basis of my comments were coming from.


This subreddit is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. For them everyone is a fraud if they make one false prediction. And if they don’t talk about how someone is a fraud they using some fanboy logic in this sub. Very weird place.

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Episodic like Telltale/Dontnod or Episodic like Asura’s Wrath? :face_with_monocle::thinking: Wasn’t Alan Wake told in “episodes”?

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