The Halo Infinite co-op campaign flight is live on Console and PC

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343i has just announced that the Halo Infinite co-op campaign flight is love now through the xbox insiders app on console, and you can visit the Halo Waypoint to get your Steam keys if you signed up for those. The flight is available for anyone with Game Pass, Game Pass Ultimate, or that purchased the campaign directly. We reviewed the campaign back at launch and gave it a 10.

This flight features seemingly the full game in co-op as it is a full 50gb download on PC, as well as mission replay. The flight ends on Monday August 1st at 10am PT. Tweets and blog post copied below:

The #HaloInfinite Campaign Network Co-Op flight is live! Also featuring Mission Replay, be sure to squad up with your friends in this early-access build and take on the Banished together. We'll see you on Zeta Halo!

‚ÄĒ Halo (@Halo) July 15, 2022



Thank you for participating in this flight for Halo Infinite!  

This flight features Halo Infinite’s campaign (co-op and single-player) on both Xbox consoles and PC. We have invited you to participate in this preview for the purpose of finding bugs and relaying feedback to 343 Industries. Flighting is a process of ensuring that features like co-op campaign are ready for launch.  

During this flight, it is requested that you file bug report tickets for all issues that you might encounter. However, please be mindful of any issues related to save files, especially when switching between co-op and single-player.  

The more details you can include when writing your tickets, the more information the development team has for their investigation. We recommend using resources like the Halo Support Glossary and our other Halo Support articles. 

This flight ends on Monday, August 1st, at 10am PT. The Bug Report ticket form will close later that day as well.

Other notes:  

  • Mission Replay is available in this flight build. Follow the steps below to replay any previously completed mission:¬†¬†¬†
    1. Open the TacMap and navigate to the mission’s icon. Completed missions appear as gray diamonds.  
    2. Use the shortcut listed near the bottom of the screen to access the Mission Options menu.  
    3. Select Replay Mission to select active Skulls and change the mission’s difficulty. Currently held weapons will carry over to this replay as well.  
    4. Complete the replayed mission to return to the current mission, or select the current mission in the TacMap to resume your furthest saved progress.  
  • Multiplayer, Academy, and Customization are not included in this flight of Halo Infinite.¬†¬†
  • The Xbox flight is only available for players who are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Game Pass,¬†or¬†players who have purchased Halo Infinite‚Äôs Campaign. To access network co-op, players must also have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription, which is included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
  • The Steam flight is invite-only. Check¬†your active flights on Halo Waypoint¬†to see if you received an invite and to see your Steam key. Halo Support is unable to provide Steam keys to players who did not receive an invitation.


When the Fireteam Leader starts a co-op campaign session, all players in the Fireteam will be prompted to select their save file. Using the selected save files, the Fireteam’s campaign progress is aggregated so that the session’s progress reflects content that all members have completed. This allows all progress made in co-op sessions to be applied to each player’s individual save file.  

Collectibles, such as Data Pads and Skulls, will appear in co-op sessions if any Fireteam members have not collected them in their individual save. Collecting these items in co-op will unlock them for all Fireteam members who had not already collected them. If all players in the session have collected these items, they will not appear or be interactive.  

Unlocked equipment, equipment upgrades, and High Value Target (HVT) weapon variants will remain unlocked for individual players in co-op sessions even if all Fireteam members have not yet unlocked them.  

For more information on co-op in Halo Infinite, see the Campaign Network Co-Op Preview on Halo Waypoint or the Campaign Network Co-Op Flight Preview Livestream. 



If you encounter any issues in-game, please click here to file a ticket so that the development team can investigate.  

Provide as much information as you can about the issue. Navigate through and fill out the report with all relevant information. 


Co-op plays very smooth and is fun as fuck!!!


yeah, that was incredible. only a few bugs (which I need to remember to report)


I was impressed with how stable it was honestly; there were only a few blips where there’d be some rubber-banding in our play session, so kudos to 343i.

Beyond that, I haven’t had that much fun playing co-op with a four-person squad in years… my face still hurts from laughing so much. 12/10 - would recommend and Hot Fuzz references are a requirement :slight_smile:


Is it the opening mission only??? Because id be curious to see how it works in the open world. Which is entirely the reason it didnt launch with coop in the first place.

Edit. Nm its the whole game. Ill wait for it to launch officially.