The Gunk still slated for this year, developer confirms

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It has been a while since we last heard any news for Xbox’s console exclusive The Gunk — which, in a year full of bad news, only made people worry about a potential delay. But fear not: it seems the game is still releasing this year after all!

In a reply to Twitter user @blackheartJV, developer and publisher Thunderful Games confirmed that the game is still slated for this year. Not only that, but we should be getting more info really soon!

Developed by the same studio that brought to life the indie classic SteamWorld Dig, The Gunk was announced as a 2021 title during last year’s Xbox Games Showcase — and, like so many games out there, it is releasing straight into the Game Pass catalogue.

From the creators of SteamWorld, embark on an all-new adventure in a vast and alien world where you’ll encounter terrifying enemies and challenging puzzles on your quest to unravel the mystery of a forgotten planet, while saving it in the process.


I’ll say that if The Gunk does in fact release this year, im going with December.

Original PR material had a September 21 date, if I remember correctly

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Oh wow. I would think that next week will confirm it if that’s still the case. If it was, it’s odd that they haven’t announced it yet since it’s 5 weeks away. A week from now, we should know for sure.

Stoked to see more of this. This studio made Steamworld Dig 1 and 2, right? Loved those.


Ah thanks, great to have a confirmation for this year. It was one of the games I was eagerly dying to play. Metroidvania is my jam. Base on their previous games I can trust Image & Form devs.


Just checked: it actually said “September 2021”, not “September 21”.

It’s common for publishers to send press material to the media with an estimated release date that never gets announced. That was also the case with all those Prime Matter and Nacon games announced recently.

With that said, that September estimate is a year old and might have changed

Yeah, surprised they would put an estimated month of release 14 months out. Either way, we should know what the deal is next week.

The image that you’ve put here makes the game look jazzier.

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My favorite part of posting news is choosing the featured arts!


Ummmm… Pretty much confirmed that this is being shown at Gamescom?


Either Xbox show or ONL then.

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yep, don’t care tho, they’re all the same event in this pandemic lol

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I called it that it would appear at gamescom if it would still release this year I think next month or December with October and November way too packed for it releasing

I think it’s either gonna be September or December.

Yep that’s what I said October would be a good date for scorn since thats a horror title if that’s still this year

Ah, yeah. That’s exactly what you said lol. I read ‘‘this month’’ for some reason. GMTA. :wink:

Well played sir :facepunch::clap:

Good grief, this would be another major exciting game for me on the Xbox docket upcoming this year if it hits. I loved the initial look at this one.