The Gunk - Official Announcement Trailer | Xbox Showcase 2020

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This is one of my most anticipated games now. Love the design of the characters. The lighting is purrty.

I am not sure what kind of the game is exactly. Survival? Open world? Or…

This game looks legit cool

Looks brilliant. Kinda reminds of of some of the quirky platformers from the OG Xbox days.

I’m looking forward to this game. Love the main character.

Image & Form has never missed with me. I think they’re one of the most consistent indie devs out there. Very excited to see them do something with a bigger scope.

This was one of the games that definitely caught my interest in the Showcase.

Based on their previous work with Steamworld Dig 1 & 2, (Heist & Quest were different genres) which were really great and charming, I guess it is a action adventure platforming game with combat, metroidvania elements & puzzles but evolving the formula more ambitious in a 3D world this time…

This is really a good looking game, great color palette, cool art direction, intriguing world. I’m really confident they will nail the gameplay and sense of progression as usual, I keep a special eye on it.

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The Gunk is one of the games missing from the E3 presentation. As its releasing this fall, I’m curious on when they will be sharing some additional information on this game.

I think if we don’t see it at gamescom or another major event then it’s getting pushed back to 22

It’s only Gamescom, I seriously doubt MS would show it at TGS (lol) and TGA is too late in the year for a 2021 release.

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