The "general chat" thread

I thought it could be a good idea to have a general chat thread here. Often the gaming thread has posts about non gaming related things like soccer and other things. Maybe it’s good to just cram it all into one thread.

Maybe something interesting happened to you and you’d like to share it, or maybe just a question regarding cars, bikes, books, etc. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. No harm, no foul and it certainly won’t be the end of the world if the thread is not a success.

I was wondering, are there any bikers (as in racing bikes, mountainbikes etc) here? I used to just use a super standard bicycle to get from point a to point b, to the city for the movies or just for groceries. Out of the blue I’ve decided it was time to buy a mountainbike, get out of the house more. I walk the dog plenty, but I want to get out even more, also see new places here. Good for the health especially.

My dog loves to run next to the bike, and especially now with this bike we can really make some nice kilometers. I know I can go for long distances but for Lara I need to build this up, can’t get too crazy now. So early in the year and already made one damn good purchase, feeling very good about this.


My kid got into Pokémon recently. So now we are all hands on deck buying the cards, shirts, and games. It all started when after Christmas break one of his friends was showing off a Pokémon card. He still wants to play modern warfare 2 but we are basically splitting time between call of duty on Xbox and Pokémon on switch. Got him a book that talks about every Pokémon so that’s fun to open to the page every time we meet a new Pokémon. My kid is a 7 year old autistic boy that doesn’t communicate well so I try to bond with him through his interest. I think I need to get him a couple Pokémon posters for his room since call of duty was last months thing and he got these new room decorations for Christmas. Luckily Pokémon posters are easy to find.


As an American I pretty much drive everywhere. Also not the best biking weather today lol :snowflake:

That’s awesome for your little guy man, really cool. That’s so cool about Pokémon, it’s for pretty much any age. Personally I’m not a fan, but friends of mine are and I bet they still will be when they get older and older.

I’m a bit jelly of the snow, I like snow. It has been above 10 degrees ever since early January and only this week started to get colder. It’s been super cold in the US, hasn’t it? The temperatures I saw online a week ago or so, jesus.

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Isn’t this what the Community OT is for? :smile:


Actually you’re right about that.

I don’t know why I thought it was a general gaming thread, probably was the majority of discussion is about gaming but…lol, wow.

All this time when I wrote something non gaming related there I thought I was being off-topic. Jokes on me. Then off we go, back to there. :grinning:


I’ll lock this up then.