The future roster of FPS franchises at Xbox is going to be crazy

Assuming Activision goes well + Rare + Bethesda, the roster of established FPS franchises is really shaping up to be fantastic. As a big fan of FPS and all of these games (just Overwatch I’ve never played), it’s pretty crazy.

  • Quake
  • Perfect Dark
  • Halo
  • Call of Duty (Modern Warfare + Black Ops + Sledgehammer) + Warzone
  • Overwatch
  • DOOM
  • Wolfenstein

Will also mean that all these studios will certainly be able to share tools, feedback, anti-cheat systems and expertise when developping first-person shooters going forward. Even Arkane as they’re doing first-person games (even if it’s immersive sims first and foremost). Or even BGS with Fallout 5 (though Fallout 4 already had greatly improved systems compared to Fallout 3).

Activision has some very strong FPS studios (Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Sledgehammer, etc…) with a lot of developers and some impressive tools. Really exciting.


Shooterbox :grinning:

It is funny to think about what complete dominance Xbox now has in the FPS and WRPG genres. I wonder if PlayStation might ever try again to gain a foothold in the FPS arena.


It is almost absurd how dominant Microsoft is going to be in the FPS department.

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Microsoft can honestly mess around and create a massive esport event with halo, cod, over watch, hearthstone, hots, etc.

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You forgot to directly mention Gears…

It’s too bad they are all going to be on ten year release cycles so they don’t overlap


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My dream is for all these to offer both SP and MP play. I want an Overwatch SP campaign game, and a good Wolfenstein / DOOM/Quake arena PvP component. FPS/arena shooters are about the only genre I enjoy playing both SP and MP.

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Didn’t they have one? KillZlam or something?

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FPSbox :stuck_out_tongue:

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Goldeneye (its coming and im counting it)

Perfect Dark




They have basically every iconic/revolutionary FPS from every era from the last 30 years, that is absolutely nuts

They are almost if not just as dominant in the WRPG field as well

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