The Future of Xbox Events. What Should it Be?

Yeah after today’s tire fire I’m thinking Xbox should just avoid this whole idea. :laughing:

Yeah, people will use today’s State of Play as an argument in favor of Microsoft not doing this kind of show when we have a lot other Nintendo Directs that proves them wrong…

No the point is Microsoft shouldnt do anything until they have things to show, and clearly right now there is not much to show.


It doesn’t need to be only first party games. They could use it to promote the next indie exclusives like Tunic or RPG Time or announce new games. Use it to promote a game that’s already on Game Pass but they just want to point out (Nobody Saves The World could have used something like it…).

Netflix has Tudum, DC has the DC Fandome, Disney has Disney+ Day and Xbox has the Xbox Summer Showcase.

The other companies mentioned above also produce a hell of a lot more content annually than any gaming company does and it seems to work for them.

And it’s not like Xbox also doesn’t have QuakeCon, MineCon, soon to be BlizzCon along with Gamescom, TGS, the VGAs and their own XO event’s.

Once all of the studios start to get into a position where they have a regular release of games they can then start to have a more regular foucs on specific titles. Almost like that recent hire for a head of broadcast and events is like forward planning for what’s to come…

The current plan from what I was told was a show for May and one for September.

Didn’t get any more detail than that.

Yes, before you ask, I also found it odd that they said May, when June is right there as the normal E3 spot.


May makes sense for games that release in June and July.

Also 3rd party stuff.


They could show Redfall in May and release in July


Also probably not to have it too close to Summer Game Fest.

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what it should be is not whatever today’s SOP was

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I hope it is a big showcase.

May show centred around Redfall, September show centred around Starfield makes sense.

I don’t think this will happen this year though.

Dedicated shows to each project makes sense instead of one big conference

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Dedicated show to each project attracts the people interested in that project. Big show attracts people interested in different projects (as well as unannounced stuff) and results in greater exposure for all titles.


The Xbox team loves E3 when it comes to it. Phil especially so maybe they just stick to the status quo

Id be in favour of say games which are hard to demo well being given deep dives instead of being overshadowed.

I think both approaches is nice. Keep the big show with trailers and then do deep dives approaching release.


Well… We atleast know what it shouldn’t be :grimacing:

See a lot of people dismissing an Xbox event like a State of Play. However this State of Play with mostly C or B tier games has gotten nearly 1 million views on just the official English stream with 30K likes to 3.6K dislikes. Also, despite 90% of the games being multi-platform they’re now seemingly associated with PlayStation. Xbox games and partnered/indie games for that matter, really only get a shot at that viewership once a year. I honestly cannot see how getting more eyes on Xbox-aligned games is seen as a “bad” thing.

If Xbox did an event like this, focused on Japan, I believe it could change a lot of the narrative around Xbox and Japanese games.