The future of Game Pass: will it have exclusive content like other streaming services (Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Apple..) at some point?

That reminded me, I could see getting Early Access games as a GamePass-only exclusive feature. But that’s not on the same level as exclusive fully finished titles.


I think they will pull this when they have alot of goodwill from the public . Right now the public hates them for even making games :phil_lmao: /s

oh shit yeah, that is one that makes sense. FF14 does this, so does ESO to an extent I think, maybe Project Dragon will be like this, where as long as you’re subscribed to gamepass you get content, whereas you can get the base game at retail initially but everything after that, just get gamepass.

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I think that’s weird lol. Early Access is a type of situation where you’d want more people to play and give feedback, not less, so restricting that to gamepass alone wouldn’t make sense IMO.

lol and that’d be one good way to lose all of that goodwill. They had an amazing year and then pulled the Gold hike and thought they could get away with it, lol sike you thought. Whole industry rained down on their ass.

This would be far worse imo.

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I am talking about way into the future . Like atleast 4-5 years later where if MS locks a game behind gamepass , no one would give a shit bcz they already got so many games .

yeah and I don’t think that should happen because it’s pretty much exactly the things we criticize Sony and Nintendo for. Getting enough marketshare and suddenly being able to no longer give a shit about your fanbase and what they feel shouldn’t be the standard xbox should strive for. :sweat_smile: They were the market leader in 360 era and pulled off several things we criticize Sony for nowadays, maybe ultimately, it’s pretty much the symptom of the market position allowing what things you can pull.

Why would you cut off revenue streams and piss off your paying customers? Thats not Nadellas Microsoft.


Yes, and I think Kojima’s will be first. I think the exclusive games will be cloud native and tie into Game Pass in new and unique ways. As you mentioned, it is a way to get folks into the ecosystem further which is a goal.

I don’t see any mainstay IP or mega games launching only in the service anytime soon.


Yeah they are not in a position right now to even try pulling this shit, but years in the future when they’re maybe back on top? That’s when the mask slips. Every time.

Nintendo & Sony would probably do it today, if they were competing with Game Pass. I don’t think it’s too bold to say that one of them could conceivably get away with it as well.

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Nintendo would absolutely lol and to a degree Sony. I dont think current xbox would.


I can see timed exclusives for GP happening for sure. At first it will be stuff where ya get to play ti a week or so early, but then I bet eventually we see games be 30 days early on GP or something along those lines. Not for a while though.

According to some people cloud and Game Pass is all we will be left with so I guess “yes”.

I was thinking about the possibility of something hybrid like those Early Access features you get with the Ultimate editions (like Forza Horizon 5 on November 5 instead of 9, same for Battlefield 2042, Back 4 Blood on October 12 instead of 14 and other big games). Those are basically just incentives.

It’s all about how MS sees Game Pass in the long-term (in several years, not now). Do they want it to be a central platform with agressive incentives to suscribe and advantages if you’re a suscriber or keep it more like like a “companion” or interesting alternative.

More like: “must have” or “great deal” ? (that’s 2 very different goals in my eyes)

I think this will be interesting to see if they will try to expand to people and casuals who play only few games a year (not really the audience of Game Pass as of today imo).

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Yes, I think they will go for some form of timed exclusivity later on. Like, why not? If you have an Xbox but don’t have Xbox Game Pass yer a bit weird.

Remember gamepass is “liked” netflix. It’s not netflix. The business model is slightly different. Gamepass can make extra money from microtransactions and dlc. Gamepass will never be exactly like netflix/disney+. What is more important to gamepass going forward is non-licensed content.

Currently they have no game in development which would make sense for Gamepass Exclusivity

On the matter of the topic…

Video media Exclusivity differs from that of the Games Exclusivity

Exclusivity of games comes from the hardware platform (xbox, Ninetendo and PS. On PC it comes via store front)

There will never be Gamepass exclusive games. Only exceptions will be Cloud native games which can’t run on consoles in the meaningful way.

I can see smaller titles having something like 1-2 weeks exclusivity as a possibility…but nothing beyond that being feasible.

Another scenario that could be likely is an early demo or beta available for Game Pass subscribers. Remember how Metal Gear Solid 2 had a demo with Zone of Enders? It was used to sell ZoE, to some extent.

Forza Horizon games have had demos publicly and widely available with much of the game restricted. It was a good way to wow prospective buyers. I think they released them as the game did and not prior. But what if two weeks before launch they released a demo only for Game Pass subscribers? That doesn’t seem too outlandish. Now do that with a big IP or a highly anticipated title like Perfect Dark, DOOM 3, or Indiana Jones and I can see it pushing the needle.

I think at sone point they will experiment with excluaive gamepass content and see how the reaction is.

@Ruthwik_Rao I’m posting in this thread because I have a question that’s more so l appropriate for this one:

Yeah I think history backs up your statement quite well. Dungeons was developed well after Microsoft bought Mojang and that hit every platform possible.

But I have a question for you that ties into this Game Pass thread… Do you think a Minecraft game could become a timed Game Pass exclusive? I’m not talking about a year but something more like a month’s exclusivity before it hits other platforms. I personally think it’s smart and doable to where it doesn’t alienate any of the fan base that are on this Switch or PS consoles. Mostly because the PC is a huge part of that user base and will have access to it Day 1 through Game Pass.

Ruthwik is already against Gamepass exclusivity so I think you are asking the wrong guy :phil_lmao:

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