The Future of Discord | Concept for the Microsoft Game Store | One stop shop for PC gaming

Hey all! I am new to this community but I follow Xbox closely along with other platform holders. However, Xbox in the past year, has been absolutely a blast to watch all the moves that Microsoft is doing. When news broke out that Microsoft was in talks to acquire Discord, my mind was racing with ideas of what that could mean. I know there’s a very good chance Discord is NOT profitable, so I was thinking of ways that Microsoft could take advantage of the 100M+ MAU that it has while also not being too cumbersome and it hit me.

This concept is inspired by my ideas on how to improve PC gaming on all areas and push Game Pass even more. This will allow you to have one app for your voice chats (I am including Xbox integration, a cute detail that some might pick up is the replacement of activity indicator with an Xbox symbol for Xbox users), a better store for games on PC (Microsoft Store is god awful and really needs a refresh, this could be Microsoft’s chance to restart new except with a ton of users), and if your PC is not strong enough to play games or you are on Linux/Mac? Don’t worry xCloud is built into Discord and will allow you to play games on any hardware you own.

I started designing this with the “Microsoft Game Store” in mind, but as I was designing, more and more kept hitting me. There is so much potential for Microsoft to do a ton with Discord while also growing Game Pass subscribers and Xbox fan base.

The Xbox Game Pass tab of the Microsoft Game Store. You can subscribe to Game Pass directly from Discord! Not to mention, Game Pass now includes Nitro! :crazy_face:

This is the proper game store for the Microsoft Store, allowing users who might live in a country that doesn’t support Game Pass, can’t afford to subscribe, or simply don’t want to pay for Game Pass, access to Microsoft’s suite of games along with other publishers.

If you read through this, you’re awesome! Thanks for taking time to check out my ideas thrown into Adobe XD. This is my first time designing any of my ideas and I would appreciate constructive criticism. Also if you have a platform and would like to share this, please do! It would be awesome if people at Microsoft and Xbox saw this and made this the future of Discord.


It’s a very good idea, I love your concept art, you did a stunning work !


hmmmm good concept but i don’t think people would like these changes like MS Store.

i think it’s better to just add xbox game pass tab/add and cloud gaming,leave the rest for discord team.

also change P3 from playing Elden ring to playing Blinx: The Time Sweeper

This is a fantastic idea. I think putting a cloud gamer launcher into Discord, in particular, is a fantastic idea. Like, being able to see a friend is enjoying a game and hopping in through Discord to join them over the cloud is a great way to make XCloud accessible.


Very nice!

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Wow, looking at your concepts I finally saw the appeal for Discord. Imagine integrating the already good LFG of Xbox to Discord?!

And lol @ Phil playing Elden Ring haha


I’ll take it a step further! Microsoft recently acquired Imagine adding tournament match making to Discord! So much potential.


Idk where to ask this but maybe here, can I get an invite to xbox era’s discord?

I would ask @Sikamikanico or @Shpeshal_Nick but maybe someone else could invite me too since they are in the UK and Australia lol, timezones and all.

So a PM would be appreciated.

This is awesome, maybe a better place for mod support for some of Xbox’s games as well


Same. I’d love an invite.

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Amazing stuff. :clap:


Great mockups and great idea. Microsoft purchasing Discord seemed a little random to me at first but this thread justifies it perfectly. It’s a match made in heaven and the perfect solution to Discord’s profitability problem.