The first gameplay for Avowed has been revealed in this new trailer. Coming 2024

Just hope it’s more Pillars/New Vegas than Outer Worlds

It’s even more cartoonish than TOW. And also weird that we can only choose between two races. Wanted to play as a Godlike.


Seriously, Obsidian broke my heart.


Yeah, because it’s a cinematic. But I understand the disappoinment.


My biggest issue with the artstyle is the The Outer Worlds vibe.


It looks nothing like Pillars of Eternity. So confusing why they choose the art style.


That’s the risk with cinematics. Honestly watching the trailer again made me more excited and the og cinematic didn’t do a lot for me back then, other than Obsidian making a fantasy rpg.

Edit: rewatched the original cinematic and I would even go as far to say it looks dull and boring. Definitely don’t mind the colour in the gameplay trailer and with some better global lighting it will probably looks pretty good.


I agree. I really don’t care about the cartoonish look because I’m a massive Obsidian Stan.


Looks really good to me. Never expected this to push graphical boundaries but I love the look. Some people too hung up on every game being hyper realistic.


Yeah that CGI trailer pushed the expectations through the roof. It was never going to look like that.

They did that to themselves.

I really want to see the scope of it and how deep are the combat and RPG systems.

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I honestly think in hindsight the reveal trailer did a disservice to this game.

Leaving aside that it was CGi trailer the tone was way darker so I wonder if when rebooted, artstyle was affected as well.

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It looks like it will have the same cheesy silly vibe as Outer Worlds which will be really dissapointing so I’m hoping that’s just the art style. They originally sold it as PoE in 1st person. Hope that sticks.

I am totally down for that. I love how colourful it is but I understand why some folks like you may be confused.

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Definitely prefer the art direction of the reveal over what was shown today. I agree with people saying it looks similar to TOW, but comparing it to Sea of Theives is a bad take.


I don’t mind colourful. I just didn’t want an Outer Worlds vibe.


Graphics look good. WTF were people expecting?

Also gameplay over graphics all day everyday.


There were some moments that looked questionable, but the full trailer on youtube does look better than the trailer shown in the showcase.

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I think the lighting in these screens look much better than in some of the other settings. Something that they can hopefully address.


Cause a ton of it didn’t look like those stills? Especially in motion.

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Yeah, those pics look better, I hope they can get to that level in game.

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