The Falconeer review thread

The Falconeer
Review Thread

Metacritic Xbox One: 60

Metacritic Xbox Series X|S

Metacritic PC: 73

Opencritic: 75

Video Reviews

Written Reviews

XboxEra - 8

PC Gamer - 7.8

TheSixthAxis - 7

The Falconeer Review | TheSixthAxis

AltChar - 9

God Is A Geek - 8.5

ScreenRant - 4

JeuxVideo (French) - 6.5

FOK! (Dutch) - 7

Theindiegamewebsite - 7


Still sad this isn’t in Game Pass. I’m not sure If I feel the game is worth $40, but for $20 it would be an instant buy for me. I hope it get’s a sale during the Holiday sale.

It’s actually $30, not $40.

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Seems like a solid game, I have a spare $20 gift card so I might use it to get this.

But really ScreenRant? A 4/10?

Ui that’s gerat to hear. I hope it get’s a Rewards punsh card. That would put me over the line.

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sadly, I will have to wait for sale tbh because for around $20CDN i would’ve bought instantly, but hard to pay $40 when i will be playing other games. I think game would’ve benefited being on gamepass day one, but i’ll def try out this game eventually

Should be a decent fun game to play! Thanks for posting the reviews!

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The sheer act of just flying around is legitimately relaxing. Can’t be said enough. I’d almost go as far as to say buy it as a chill out/palette cleanser game in between your traditional big name stuff.


Already did. About two weeks ago! Looking forward to testing it on my 120hz 1440p monitor for a while before the console rests in it’s rightful place below my 65" OLED and 7.1.2 THX/Atomos system.

And my Series X is on it’s way (so FedEx has teased)!

Metacritic and Opencritic scores for this game seem weird. The reviews are much higher than these metacritic scores reflect. A lot of 'm haven’t been uploaded. OpenCritic currently only has our review.

OpenCritic is updated for me. 75 average based on 9 reviews

Full disclosure, I’ve had about 20 minutes to play this game (with dogs barking and playing and my kid reverting to his 2-year-old stage and talking the whole time about the game (so…distractions!:grin:)).

I made it through the first mission. On the second, I just … die. I can’t tell why. I don’t even see an on screen effect I’ve been hit. Any general gameplay tips?

A big question, can I turn off auto leveling to the horizon? I feel this may be my biggest issue right now. I’m trying to play it like Ace Combat (for example) and I’m really fighting the auto level making it very hard to see both where I’m going and the target. Even with the lock on engaged (and even in Ace Combat I don’t do well with the target “chase cam” that may be part of my problem, too). The auto level is also making target acquisition and leading “twitchy.”

Any tips would be great!

Have spend a quick hour with this game. It looks really nice. The artwork ticks all the boxes for me. The air combat is tight as well, Crimson Skies vibes all over the place. There are some quirks i have difficulty with. But given ive only spend an hour with the game, it could very well be due to inexperience.

Crazy to think this was created by one person.

The flying around part is neat, the combat sucks. I also have weird stuttering in 120fps mode only.