The End of RoosterTeeth


Rooster Teeth Shut Down By Warner Bros. Discovery (

Sadly Roosterteeth is being shut down…

Ill always remember them for the early red vs blue stuff and the drunk podcast.

An era is coming to end.


Red vs Blue… good times :v:

Used to watch a lot of achievement hunter videos. Probably the reason why I started to hunt for achievements. RIP


Man, that sucks. Not surprising, but still sucks. Thinking about it really makes me feel old… :face_holding_back_tears:


yeah… 21 years of history does make you feel old… I cant imagine what the entire crew at RT is going through right now. Must be brutal

They were my go to channel for a long time, until the scandal hit.

Used to watch red vs blue, their lets plays, listen to the podcasts etc.

dont ever recall the scandel… i personally stopped watching alot of their stuff around the release of rwby season 2…

Rooster Teeth to me has always done a great job of hitting the goal of highschool / early college nerd culture. And i just grew out of it. Still while I havent watched in a while… its sad to see such a pioneering company get closed.

Yeah, was realizing I stopped watching their stuff like 15 + years back… I feel old too.

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Rooster Teeth Special Livestream (

stream for those curious