'The Elder Scrolls Online: Scions of Ithelia' DLC Now Available on PC, Consoles Late March

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Developer Zenimax Online today announced that their latest downloadable content for ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’, “Scions of Ithelia”, is now available on PC along with the free base game Update 41 on PC and Mac. Players can now venture into two new dungeons and prepare for the adventures to come in the upcoming Gold Road Chapter. Scions of Ithelia is now live on PC/Mac and arrives on consoles March 26.

Per the press release:

Scions of Ithelia DLC features two all-new PvE dungeons, Oathsworn Pit and Bedlam Veil. Players will earn unique rewards that include new collectibles, Achievements, and item sets, as they battle their way through these two perilous adventures and uncover the evil forces at work in the upcoming Gold Road Chapter coming June 3 on PC/Mac and June 18 for consoles.

All the details on both the Oathsworn Pit and Bedlam Veil can be found on the ESO official website.

This launch also includes the Update 41 base-game patch, providing all ESO players with a series of free fixes, additions, and improvements to the game’s core experience. As part of this patch, players can use the new stackable siege weaponry to lighten their inventory and stack up to 20 similar siege weapons. Update 41 also brings changes to the game’s min spec for PC and Mac, ensuring a continued level of performance for older systems that can be maintained in newer content as well.

Check out the patch notes for both Scions of Ithelia and Update 41 on our official forums.

Players can access the Scions of Ithelia DLC via ESO Plus membership or by purchasing it from the Crown Store for 1,500 crowns (listed under DLC). Additionally, the Scions of Ithelia Collector’s Bundle is available for 4,000 crowns and includes access to the DLC game pack, Ashbone Sabre Cat mount, Ashbone Echalette pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls.

Note that all ESO Plus members can claim the Scions of Ithelia Collector’s Bundle for free during a two-week window starting on each specific platform’s launch (March 11 for PC/Mac and March 26 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles).

The Scions of Ithelia dungeon DLC pack and Update 41 is now live on PC/Mac, and it arrives March 26 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Have a gander at the gameplay trailer below for more details on Scions of Ithelia.

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Does anyone here play this game ?

I’ve tried it numerous times but never stay long due to the combat

I play it, it’s definitely the only MMO whose combat interest me from the few I have played long enough to get used to the combat.(still want to get into others)

There are a few issues that people who play games often enough can run into. Like the overworld not being meant to be difficult anymore. With the exception of world bosses, public dungeons, group dungeons and trials. Which get more manageable as we level up, gear up and apply champion points.

Light attack weaving/animation canceling: casting a skill after every light attack, which isn’t explained with enough detail in game.

Skill bar swapping: usually done right after you cast your last back bar and front bar skill.

Heavy attacks: only recently getting buffed and then nerfed a bit because of a new mythic item.

You either love or hate the combat. It’s not the typical tab targeting system like FF14 and feels floaty.

But it’s very proactive and you can push your DMG quite high with weaving and animation cancelling. Not a single skill has CD except your ults.

ZOS introduced a class in Arcanist that don’t requires you to weave at all. Needs the Necrom DLC.