The Division Franchise will go F2P with its new entry: Heartland

If there was one franchise Ubi could make f2p it was this one. Wouldnt surprise me if Siege goes f2p soon.


At this point, if your game is built around being as a GaaS then it should be FTP. It just earns more money for you.


Heartland is a standalone game. I would assume that it will be revealed at the Ubisoft Forward showcase in June. I love The Division 2 so im intrigued to see what this actually is.

Awesome, I always wanted to try The Division, but I have yet to actually do it. Outriders woke me up to the looter shooter genre, and as such I am very interested to try this.

You can sign up for future test phases on the website.

I’ll give it a go.

Division 2 can be purchased brand new for £8 in the UK online and at asda.

And is frequently dirt cheap digitally on sale.

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Having played a ton of Divisions and only a few hours of Outriders, Divisions are much more snappy and satisfying to play for me. Nowhere near as bonkers but really satisfying cover and shooting. Would heavily recommend


I played both back to back (dropped Outriders) and Division 2 just the better game overall.


Agreed, Solid SP, Solid Matchmaking, Darkzone (awful in 2 by comparison but still a novel spin on PvPvE), and no damned shakeycam in cutscenes :slight_smile:

Good and bad for division is that the cosmetics are just hideous in my experience, so you look daft, but at least you are not tempted to drop real money :slight_smile:

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An ex work colleague was explaining The Division to me… I think he said that within the same game there are areas that are PVE and some areas that are PVP. It sounded a lot like Eve Online to me. If that’s true I’m excited. Eve is to me the best game ever made IMO.

Ok and the GBA version of Rhythm Heaven

The main map is PvE, and for all intents and purposes single player. The map has safehouses where you see other players and can setup matchmaking (you can also do this from the main map when you walk to a mission start.

There are also PvEvP areas (dark zone) where it is “neutral” you see all other players and there are string enemies to fight. You can work together to loot these enemies then you must extract your loot via Helicopter. At any point other players can shoot and turn “rogue” which is where the fun and PvP starts. (There is also traditional PvP modes with squads).

Div 1 Dark zone was one big zone and was amazing fun (as a hater of PvP) as it made for some nice combo of tension and teamwork.


I loved both divisions. I’ll check out the ftp one.