The discourse out there is pretty bad after Starfield

So, i am on a few forums and socials that are about gaming, and have been for years, and I have noticed a big swing in the type of “banter” around console gaming,

Without a doubt, since Starfield dropped, and even leading up to it, the tone has got pretty angry from other sides of the aisle. A few years ago the banter and trolling against Xbox used to be pretty tame, it was seen as a joke and wouldnt be around for much longer. With the purchasing of Zenimax and ABK, the tone changed, and since Starfield has dropped and people are loving it, the banter is pretty wild now. You can see anger in them, and on a forum you cant post anything pro Starfield or Xbox without people comming in and disrupting it.

And the hatred for Phil Spencer is off the chain. Hes a liar, he took games away from them, he should be sacked, and so on.

You can really see the impact of what MS is doing with gaming, because it really has effected alot of people.

Anyone noticed the change in tone towards you if you are positive to xbox


I pretty much only post here and it feels… good.


Probably wise decision. On places like GAF and Reset, if MS was to buy a studio, there would be a half a dozen drive by posts like “how long before Xbox turns them into shit” or “here comes more AA Gamepass fodder”, without any moderation. If any post is about Phil, well, the front page is full of “Phil is a liar”, "he has destroyed the Xbox reputation " etc.

I think the aquisition of Zenimax really burns some of them, more than they would ever say. Starfield just brought it all to the service.

When the industry is more competitive is typically when the console wars are the fiercest. Believe it or not there are millions of gamers who won’t ever purchase an Xbox published game on pc or console for the sake of console wars.


Easy to see why

  • Starfield is BGS biggest game, without Sony. Hope destroyed for TES6.
  • Xbox is more profitable than Playstation
  • Even more so with ABKs profit added in
  • ABK bowing to game pass in the sale of the century. So long Diablo, Overwatch, Tony Hawk and Crash.
  • PS5 game drought with 2 years of no announcements
  • Game Pass Core taking the service beyond PSN+ (in numbers)
  • Xbox projecting 100m subscribers by 2029
  • PSN+ Price hike

What can I say…everyone saw this coming and Sony did nothing. No wonder their fans are mad. Objectively the PS5 is not a good console.

It’s going to be nuts in November 2024 when Xbox launches Blizzards Oddyssey while Sony is doing Ragnorok DLC.


Its interesting how for the first time in a long while the discourse or negative discourse is all about MS being too big, being corporate bullies…we’ve not seen that raise its head much since I dunno 2005?

Its interesting how ‘xbox is dead’ or ‘xbox has no games’ has suddenly become a full frontal assault on MS as a whole. Ok the leaks are partly responsible but it was happening before that. My guess is that as Microsoft flexed their financial muscles these online wags decided the old ‘xbox has no games’ stuff wasn’t going to wash so suddenly became very interested in ‘monopolies’ and consolidation and how it was a bad thing. I doubt they’d even heard these words pre 2020.


I mean xbox probably isn’t more profitable than PS - we do not know - and the projections also show xbox are behind where they want to be.

I’m not saying that a lot of the ‘discourse’ isn’t a reaction to buyouts and starfield - it is. But I’m not sure that we would do ourselves any favours by retaliating with the same sort of half truths in response!

Out of everything Xbox being more profitable in margins than PS definitely was was a suprise ( I would have never have predicted/thought that)

Its interesting to see…too say the least.

I’m really looking forward to Saturdays podcast.

Stay off GAF and those other toxic sites. They are so one sided in moderation and thought, there is no point.


It’s called fear

Whether Xbox is doing good or bad, whether they buy companies or not, there will always be console warring going on, it’s been a thing for decades even before Sony entered the market

But them finally having exclusives, enticing products/services and buying companies Sony simply isn’t able has caused them large amounts of anxiety, Playstation are no longer guaranteed to get every game under the sun and their last 2 decades of entitlement is driving them to whatever copium they can to delude themselves

Personally I don’t see much of it anymore, I’ll come across a few moronic posts on twitter occasionally which are often ratio’d and just laugh and move on, if you’re seeing it all the time you’re probably following the wrong people, forums or watching the wrong videos


I’m not frequenting the same sites that were listed here, but Im not seeing this angry discourse.

I see more content creators playing Starfield that I havent seen playing ither Xbox games and loving it. Im hearing coworkers talk about how Xbox is “back” now that Starfields a big hit.

My guess is that theres a vocal minority on a few sites


Twitter and Forums are not real life, too many people often forget this, if it was FF would be one of the biggest games in the world and battle royales would be niche

A lot of it comes down to the algorithm too, I don’t see much of it because I don’t follow acounts that take part in that nonsense on twitter, I don’t watch dumb clickbait on youtube but if you did you’d see that stuff much more and think it’s a representation of the real world


Yeah i was on there a few days ago and since the MS stuff leaked it has been thread after thread after thread about how people want Xbox gone, how Phil is actively hurting the Xbox brand now and so on.

And none of the mods care…at all. It’s a shit show.


You don’t know they are (they probably are not) because the margins we’ve seen are internal MS margins that don’t have a clear definition and in reality its likely aren’t actual profit - since it seems like they are not including internal service costs etc…

You can’t straight up compare profits but it would be pretty shocking if given their huge revenue Sony’s margins were so low in comparison that Xbox actually had higher profits. That would be a tough one to reconcile and I think its pretty likely not the case.

Im not comparing profits. Its all there.

(Sounds dismissive, but its more a result of a hectic household. I think welfare has a good breakdown for everyone)

After the Malka shower room incident 6 years ago which led to the mass exodus & creation of resetera, all he had left was the cultivation of fanboys to generate traffic to his site. And the most vocal fanboys happened to be on team blue.

We all know the types: 30 or 40 year old men who haven’t seen sunlight in a couple of decades, with gamer chairs, PlayStation figurines adorning their bedroom furnishings & a religion called Sony.

Dreamcast Guy, basically.


I know a couple of PS only people in real life and they are lovely guys. They sadly dont consider XBOX as a choice but neither it is a “threat” for them.

Im not really a XBOX person myself The main reason I never considered to buy a PS5 is because it looks hideous. That being said like OhNoItsAlex says, the online fans of playstation are just out of their minds.

I love xboxera but I don’t like when people get defensive here, we should not defend ourselves from PS fanboys, we should just laugh at them.

I give this thread a 7/10

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There aren’t directly comparable numbers because AM is not the same as Sony’s…

Welfare didn’t even know what AM meant…

Lol okay.