The current achievements system is outdated

Sure, Achievements seemed to be devalued, its not the 1000G for all games tho. Once they opened the floodgates for mostly everyone and their mother to publish on the normal storefront is the issue. Be glad we don’t have multiple region stacks like PSN has.

The achievement system as a platform is ok. What sites like trueachievements with their tracking, community events etc. do is the awesome part.

I agree that it does need that equivalent to a platinum trophy.

If I have 10 games with 100/1000 Gamerscore and 1 with 1000/1000 to everyone else I just have 2000 gamerscore and that’s it… it doesn’t show I completely maxed out a game and did some actual difficult achievements and therefore it doesn’t give me that sense of achievement as it would if I were to receive some sort of trophy/badge.

If I see a high gamer score I think wow they have been playing Xbox for years if I see a high point of platinums I think wow they must really love getting those achievements.

I though there was a plan to convert the gamerscore into money without devaluing it, allowing players to buy specific things on a special store like DLCs, skins, gift cards etc. Would be a nice feature to entice people play games.


Well, opinions are like *******, right.

Speaking as someone who came from PS to Xbox this generation, I couldn’t disagree more. The leveling system is imaterial and abstract. What does it mean to be level 15? How many trophies do you need to reach level 16? What do you get when you get there? The trophy system is meaningless because it’s not possible to make a direct comparison between users, and any leveling is some mathematical formula running behind the scenes.

What counts? Platinum trophies, total number of trophies? What if someone has been playing for years, but never bothered completing any games and another person only played one game and got a Platinum for it? Well, who’s ahead?

The gamerscore system is the best, because we can instanly compare and know who is ahead and who isn’t. Leveling? What for?

The only improvements I’d add is separate lists for DLCs, and some sort of completed games tracking.

Then answer the questions above. You can’t, because the trophy system is not designed for comparing users.


I love achievements but definitely think they can be improved on. I’d like to see an equivalent to the platinum trophy.

I’d like to see them add something like platinum and gold medals, platinum for earning all the gamerscore and gold for earning the original 1000 but it doesn’t really matter what they call them, I just want to see something that shows how many games someone has completed next to their gamerscore on their profile.

It should be improved. You need to post your ideas over at the xboxinsiders reddit where they take requests. Diamond for rare achievements was a good first step, but nothing since then. There should be some kind of flair or stats for “Completed Games” and DLC should be separate from the main game.

I’d like to see more badges available for our gamer profiles as well.

I actually disagree with the Platinum trophy bit. I feel like it turns the entire system into a focus around the Platinum only. When so many trophies and achievements are just time wasting bloat I’d really rather the singular measure not be around whether or not you have Platinum.

That’s not to say the achievement system can’t or shouldn’t be improved. There’s definitely room but i like it far more than trophies.

I don’t think I ever mentioned copying the levelsystem as it is on PS, I said “a levelling system of some kind” .

I had 129 platinum trophies when I used to play on PlayStation and now I have around 120,000 gamerscore on Xbox. And I particularly prefer the trophy system, which pains me because I have no intent to go back to PlayStation.

I mean, look at this:

It amazes me how Microsoft manages to make hundreds of 360 games work on Xbox One but still can’t separate the DLC achievements lists from the base game.

Yeah I agree with everything discussed here. On 360 you at least had the number of 100% games shown next to your profile/gamer score. They should absolutely give you a badge for completing a game and should be something accessible or visible on profiles.


Maybe a bigger push with Microsoft rewards?

I want this. Give me a special toast and icon when I get the 1000G for a game. A platinum trophy equivalent.

Agreed on all counts.

I do think the way the achievements feed directly into the rewards is working very well, but there needs to be something tangible for completionists as well, a trophy, a badge or reward points … anything really that acknowledges how many games you’ve completed.

If there are any insiders here, their leveling up system is a good idea I think? Maybe offer deeper discounts for players with more completed games? There is a lot they can offer that would be meaningful here.

Also seconded for separating DLC from base game. Surely that can’t be a hard thing to execute.

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He is right:

We should get something extra special for completing the base game and the dlc :sunglasses:

His statistics prove just how devalued gamerscore is. Maka would know better than anybody.

I agree with you on all points, especially the first point. I’ve often wondered why we don’t have some sort of platinum trophy…