The Bungie acquisition by Sony is ironically amazing for Xbox

In a world where we have “monopoly” haphazardly thrown around and the long foretold “acquisition war” coming to fruition, it seems there are many unseen benefits for Microsoft and Xbox regarding the Bungie acquisition by Sony, and I thought I’d share.

  1. Incorrect “monopoly” chatter should cease

Even after the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, Microsoft is still #3 in the gaming sphere behind Tencent and Sony (for now?). Sony, ahead of Microsoft, now becomes even bigger. Yet, even still, Sony will not have a monopoly on the gaming industry. Although most of us are aware of the correct definition of monopoly, the term has been [incorrectly] associated and linked to Microsoft for the past two weeks amongst social media. Now, that argument is rather deflated. It also puts to rest other facetious arguments about Microsoft being the only one to grow “in-organically” (which was an incorrectly used term, as well) that is a heavily used argument by dissenters.

Additionally, Sony (again, #2 in gaming) has announced they are not done with acquisitions, signaling to investors and shareholders they plan to keep absorbing players in the market. This further drives home this point but leads into my next:

  1. Less regulator pressure for Microsoft acquistions

If your main competition in the gaming sphere that happens to be bigger than yourself is not only actively making multi-billion dollar acquisitions, but publically announcing they’re not done, it puts less pressure on you from government regulators. This goes for ActiBlizz and future acquisitions.

Additionally, the argument that Call of Duty is intrinsically associated with PlayStation (and therefore this deal is anti-competitive) falls out the window when Bungie is intrinsically associated with Halo, Xbox’s biggest franchise. Halo is even mentioned in the official press release and the subsequent press releases by Jim and Herman. I understand that anti-competion law is specifically things like horizontal conduct, i.e., agreeing with your competitor to price fix or acting together to limit competition, or the aforementioned monopolization. Regardless, I thought I’d put to rest another common misconception being thrown around. Besides, Microsoft is doing none of the above, anyway!

  1. Destiny will undoubtedly be added to Spartacus; competition is great for us consumers!

If gaming history is anything to go by, you cannot rest on your laurels just because you’re successful. While Game Pass already has unmatched value even before Zenimax, Activision and Blizzard games are added, Microsoft has a vested interest to continue to make it best-in-class. And we benefit!

The only missing pieces to Microsoft’s wonderful and broad first-party portfolio, and ultimately Game Pass, are… you guessed it: Japanese games. Microsoft wanted to address their lack of E-rated content and family games, and boy did they! With Phil constantly mentioning a vested interested in Japan and the competitions strong Japanese roots, many are optimistic that we will see something soon. However, it’s always great to have healthy competition to nudge you along, especially when they just might have loads of Japanese content on their version of Game Pass. Anyone up for an Xbox 360-esque level of JRPG renessiance? Flashback intensifies

  1. Bungie remains a multiplatform studio; independent subsidiary

If you’re an Xbox fan, you’re obviously happy that Destiny and future IPs will not be PlayStation exclusive. Jim Ryan even specifically stated their future games will be published for “rival consoles” and being multiplatform is something they’re moving toward (albiet this mostly has to do with putting first party games on PC, but at least Bungie games will be on Xbox). But you might be missing the bigger picture. This is not the Sony of old; the Activision acquisition has turned the tables on leverage and power in the gaming industry. Many have surmised that if Sony was the one to acquire Activision, they would lock down exclusivity. Knowing Sony, this is not a farfetched conclusion in the slightest. However, the opposite happened here. Why?

In my opinion, Microsoft has all the leverage in the world here. The ActiBlizz deal flipped the industry on its head even besides the fact that Xbox has had significant momentum this generation beforehand. Not only is Call of Duty the biggest IP out there and biggest revenue generator for PlayStation, but we know that Microsoft is not done with their vision. Sony is signaling that, now, multiplatform games are the way to go. How will Microsoft be seen if they lock massive IPs to their ecosystem? A few years ago, would you have imagined Microsoft having the most leverage in the gaming world?

Edit: A day later, it seems that Jeff Grubb says something similar to a few of my points:

Edit #2: I want to add a caveat to my #4 point because now it seems likely that Bungie had a requirement to remain independent, autonomous and own the Destiny IP in light of being acquired. According to trusted insiders back in September 2020 (in response to the old rumor that Microsoft were in talks with Bungie last year), Bungie wanted to remain independent and around $2bn. When you count inflation and the premium markup that every company recieved after the Activision-Blizzard news plus the uncanny fact that Bungie remains independent and a multiplatform studio, this falls in line with these old rumors.

So, it might be more on Bungie’s wishes to remain multiplatform rather than Sony playing nice due to leverage. Still, Sony agreed, so that still means at least part of my original ideology is true. Old Sony would never agree to something like this especially for a marked up price, when they’re known for wanting to own every IP they put money into. Just wanted to share a contrarian point of view!

Ultimately, I think this is fantastic for Sony because, as Jim Ryan said , Bungie’s GaaS expertise are invaluable and Sony is currently working on multiple “live service games.” GaaS is something they have definetely been behind on for a while. I do think they overpaid quite a bit but technically there isn’t much options out there and they needed to take what they could get. Still, I’m happy for them!

There’s actually a lot more I want to write, but I’m on mobile and this is already reaching dangerous levels of TL;DR. I’m curious on everyone’s thoughts on the subject! Do you agree/disagree?


very well put. I agree with all your points. I just haven’t said anything of the sort on any other social media lest I be seen as a fanboy. I’m honestly just happy for Destiny fans. Hopefully this gives them the stability and consistency they yearn for


You nailed it!


The biggest plus that I didn’t initially think of was how it’s another middle finger to Apple/Amazon/Meta/Tencent. I’m all for Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo teaming up to make sure those other companies don’t ruin studios.


I don’t get why Apple is always counted in these lists when they don’t care about gaming at all.

Is there a chance the Activision acquistiton goes through even faster now ? As in this year ?

No. This purchase does nothing for the acquisition lol.

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It will be a plodding pace, however this reduces potential hiccups along the way imo. More things for Xbox to point at.

So now they have the 1 billion plus acquisitions of Leyou, Sumo, Codemasters and Bungie to point at (specifically in console, cause in gaming there’s tons of billion plus in mobile). They have a great case as those in front of them are still heavily acquiring.

The hope would be it would follow a slightly slower pace than ZeniMax.

As a Destiny fan I’m happy that I won’t have to read all the “dead game” doom and gloom anymore. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great point

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  1. Apple does care about gaming and heavily invests in their gaming ecosystem, albiet a different sort of gaming than the “Big 3.” Apple Arcade makes them TONS of money and is ironically also a gaming subscription. It’s also known to be quite curated and good quality.

  2. They have the most money for a company not named Microsoft so if they really wanted to buy Steam, Activision, Take-Two etc they could easily do it. Thankfully they don’t seem interested and the ship might have sailed by the time they actually do become interested. They sort of get lumped in because we know all the other big tech companies are interested in gaming.


I think there was a little more behind Jim’s statements. He was really quick to go public about not being exclusive. Obviously with Destiny it needs to be on as many platforms to be successful, kinda like TES Online. So what I gleaned from him was that Bungies next game is also a MMO.

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Great writing. It’s gonna be great to see the goalpost moving with this acquisition + Jim saying they’re making GaaS titles.


That matter ip?

you forgot:

4 billion $ less in Sonys Warchestwallet

Good points, but I have far less faith in my fellow man than you do regarding your first point.

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exactly. there are already arguments all over twitter about this first poin.

i wonder if the price wasnt the issue for microsoft i wonder if it was the independence bungie wanted that was what was the holdup for microsoft to pass on bungie but who knows at the end of the day

I honestly think it was a bit of both. For that price I imagine Xbox would want full control of where the IPs go.

Wrt item #2, from what Hoeg has said it doesn’t really work the way you think it does @Infamy. The two purchases are different enough ‘in kind’ that the FTC won’t find the excuse of ‘well Sony is buying companies!’ to be material to their decision of how the ABK deal affects marketplace competition itself.

I am really glad to see that item #1 seems to be true and playing out, as nobody seems to be talking about MS being a monopoly all the sudden. What a coincidence! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would add another item to your list instead of #2 though, which is that with more funding and more tech resources Bungie’s games will be even better and even more ambitious. They might even grow their other IP enough to branch out into other genres too. I also am curious if Sony would be able to put other internal studios on Bungie’s IP’s and make those games exclusive though. Not sure if that scenario has been talked about yet.