The Boys Season 2 - First Look Clip: The Whale | Amazon Prime Video

I loved season 1. I’m so ready for this. Anyone else watched the first season?

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The first season was probably the best new show in years. Despite not really being into superhero shows nowadays, this one subverted expectations so well, delivering a fun and extreme show all around. Really enjoyed it, can’t wait for season 2 and I’m happy they confirmed a 3rd one too.

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It was very unexpected to me how dark it got and I loved it for that.

The part with the baby murdered me.

What an eyeful. :rofl:

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This show was the fucking best

Same here… S1 was awesome… can’t wait for S2 :heart_eyes:

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Looks so damn good. Can’t wait.

September come closer!

Although i really liked the umbrella academy season 2. Hopefully it will be just as good or better. To be honest Karl is a great fit for that character and he makes this show a solid 9.

Anyone watch episode 4 yet? Holy shit, best episode so far this season. Ugh but i really hate the new release schedule for this show. Can’t believe we’re only getting 1 episode a week for the rest of the season. :confused:

I yet have to get to episode 4, can’t wait! And yeah, it’s a bit of a bummer they are spreading this one out on weekly releases, but I understand the reasons. At least each episode can be discussed better each week.

Yeah, definitely understand the reasons. Although a good compromise would have been splitting the season into three or four, with 2-3 episodes being released per week. Sort of like what prime is doing with their Tottenham Hotspur docu.

Episode 4 :eyes:

This show is so good.

Yeah, episode 4 was quite something. I like how this show doesn’t hold back anything that could be considered shocking or controversial - they do what makes sense for the twisted characters in this tale.

Bruh Episode 5 was pretty good. Stormfront makes me so uncomfortable. Homelander is one scary mf.

Oh wow, this week’s episode ended in the craziest way. This show is mad.

This season was fantastic. :kirby: bring on Season 3 please. I like that they went with the weekly releases too. I hope Antony Starr wins some awards for being Homelander.

Season 3 is already ordered. (IMDb)

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Insane finale for sure. This show keeps delivering.