The Batman Trailer

wow that trailer blew me away I have no doubt Robert Pattinson is gonna kill it now after seeing it looks like 2021 is gonna be a great year for batman fans with the Gotham knights game and now this


Pattinson is such an amazing actor and I cannot wait for his portrayal here. Cannot wait to see TENET this year either! From home of course.:slight_smile:

I love that, unlike Ben, he does not look physically imposing, but he still manages to exude an air of terror. It shows that Batman is a very malleable character. For reference:

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Batfleck’s warehouse fight in BvS is the best Batman action scene in DC history. The rest of the movie is not good.

Here’s hoping Reeves and Pattinson knock it out. What I have seen looks extremely encouraging.

I LOVED this trailer, I thought it really created a mood for the film that I can get behind. Se7en, but set in the Batman universe, is ticking so many boxes for me. I’m a lifelong Batman nerd and can’t wait to see the Matt Reeves take on Batman.

My wife’s take? “I didn’t like it, I didn’t like the music”.

AaARGH! Good thing she has other endearing qualities :slight_smile:

As an aside, I also thought Ben Affleck was a great Batman and and AWESOME Bruce Wayne. A lot like Michael Keaton in terms of I almost preferred the scenes they were out of costume moreso than when they were wearing the cape and cowl.