The Ascent | Official GeForce RTX Reveal Trailer



This is looking goo-ooo-ood . - chef’s kiss -

Particularly looking forward to see how ray-tracing will perform on the Series consoles.


OMG, okay Im taking my 2060 on a spin for this bad boy, hopefully it aint to hard to run at 1080p.

Cries in GTX 1060

I wish there was a sad emoticon to react, hopefully you would be able to get rtx gpu one day to try it, most rtx games i played so far are so so, waiting for metro exodus to come to gamepass though

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Holy shit. That’s all I will say.

That looks great. Shame Series X isn’t getting Ray Tracing on July 29th.

Is there confirmation we are getting it at some point though? Looks amazing!

Honestly, I have no idea.

I really cant wait for this game!

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Uh, where did you get that information?

I think this is ray tracing through rtx only, not sure if rdna 2 will support it because they haven’t announced it yet, just like cyberpunk got ray tracing at launch for rtx cards but rdna 2 waited a few months later

They haven’t mentioned it at all for Series X as far as I know.

Is RT in for SX|S? The previous footage didn’t have any right?

I’ve asked this question. A while back there was an article on windows central that said the game had RT on console and also it’s listed in the Xbox store as having Ray Tracing. I’m not sure you can tell from the footage given it’s likely to be limited in scope compared to the PC version. But I’ve asked because devs said it was there but in recent interviews haven’t mentioned it.

IRRC the devs before said only that they would look into it, but did not promised RT until now.

Though being reflections only and from the game top down view, might not be easy to spot the difference indeed

With all the explosion fx ya should be able to spot it I’d think. If you can see the fireballs from stuff blowing up reflected in puddles that would be a good indicator of RT.

Dont pc game apart from command & conquer so I hope RT comes to xbox series X/S

3080 is spooled up for this game.