The Artful Thread

Have any favorite artists? See any street art on Twitter that you admire? Personally crafted something you’d like to show us? Post it all here! This threads for sharing any kind of artful things you’d like to share with XboxEra. Whether it’s a sculpture, fanart, or even something you did yourself! :smiley:

Here’s a few art pieces by Ayami Kojima, whose known for doing a lot of artwork for Castlevania. I love how she draws eyes and hair.



Great idea for a thread and my, that artist’s work is beautiful! Has that Art Nouveau feel/style, love it.

I have some favorite artists yeah.

This first one might be too predictable lol but still,

Jean Giraud (Moebius), comic artist and illustrator. Sometimes I wonder what else we could have seen him contribute to if he were still alive, easily one of the most influential modern artists with an artstyle recognizable from two light years away.

Hiroshi Yoshida, Japanese Printmaker.

Elicia Donze, “Magic Realism” artist. What I love about her work is not just the impeccable realism on display but how that just takes a backstage to the almost surreal, soft lit dreamlike lens.

Albert Bierstadt, Landscape Artist/Painter. Known for his contribution to the Romanticism and more specifically, Hudson River School movements. You can see his works (and his peers) influence most of modern fantasy media when it comes to representing grand vistas and sheer natural beauty.

Simon Stalenhag, concept artist and illustrator. Again one of the more influential artists recently.


Simon Stålenhag is a very interesting artist! His retro futuristic style is amazing.

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The craziest thing is how you can recognize someone’s art. Im not familiar with him but this kind of art style seemed familiar to me. Every now and then i’ll look for books to read and while I haven’t read this certain book yet, one of his work’s were used for the front cover.

And this being the full piece: