The Artful Escape - Review Thread

Ya, If the visuals and music havent grabbed you by now, it probably wont change much. The game is the same from gameplay perspective from beginning to end.

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Quite a unique experience, not exactly a ton of gameplay in here but…I don’t mind it here. One thing…

The part where they ask your home planet, you can choose quite a few. Does this give any differences later in the game or not at all whichever I choose?

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It’s just cosmetic, for fun afaik. It’s used a few times in dialogues.

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To be honest, it can be finished in under 4 hours. I did it it one session, so it’s worth seeing the experience through.


Just finished the game. It was… all right. Didn’t wow me or anything but an interesting experience for 4 hours of my time, plus 1000 gamerscore in the bargain. Perfect Game Pass experience.

Just finished it as well.

Thought it was a very unique experience and certainly original too. Great music, some cool characters and a nice story. It’s really just an experience, since the gameplay is really on the light side. And at times some beautiful effects too.

Lots of locked achievements though. Could this perhaps due to me using Quick Resume for the game?

If you’ve finished it, you can only really miss two. Something has gone a bit wrong for you I fear!

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Well, that sucks. Only three have unlocked.

I’ve heard complaints from people on Reddit and also here I believe that QR messed up achievements for some games for them. Ah well.

Good thing I’m not a big achievement Hunter at all, if I get them, cool, if not, ah well. :smiley:

Also, buddy of mine whom I know has finished it too and the odd thing is, on Xbox it says none of my friends played this.

Which ones can be missed?

I’m missing a secret one (so no idea) and jaming with a snowman, and the other one that sounds misseable is lighting up the entire town.

Tomorrow I go back to Psychonauts 2 which I’ve had in QR before, I hope this issue doesn’t happen too often. I mean I’m not the biggest achievement hunter, but these things simply should unlock when I get them.

Quit the game from Game Menu, then launch it fresh. It should trigger all of the unmissable ones popping upon restart.

I’ve had Psychonauts 2 in QR during all my playthroughs over 4 - 5 days and hadn’t had any issues with achievements unlocking.

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Hmmnm I see. But it’s good to know that if they do stay locked at first , they’ll unlock after a restart. I will try this out tomorrow.

I had the same problem. Some achievements unlocked later after i rebooted console and the game.



Restarting the game completely did the trick. Nice!