The Artful Escape, 12 Minutes, Last Stop, CrossfireX delayed to 2021


Unfortunately, it looks like 12 Minutes, The Artful Escape, and Last Stop have all been delayed from 2020 to 2021.

Considering it’s midway through November, and we have not heard anything, it was pretty obvious that it was going to be delayed. It’s unfortunate that this happened, but I am willing to wait. Seems like the same thing will happen to Crossfire X, we haven’t heard anything on that game for a while either.

UPDATE: Like I was expecting, CrossfireX has been delayed to 2021 as well.


Has to be COVID as too many games have been delayed.

We still have not heard from the TUNIC developer either.


Art takes time, my buddies and me will have the psychedelics ready for when it is finally here. Patience … Is the friend of every psychonaut.

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12 Minutes looks very interesting. I’m completely fine with waiting for it.

Of course they are…

Unfortunate. I’ll survive fine with my backlog though. :slight_smile:

With an Artful Escape, even with an extra 12 Minutes of development, those games won’t make the Last Stop for release in 2020.


I saw the title Artful Escape and got excited for a second, just to read its been delayed. Cant say im disapointed, more a meh, no release date announced this late in the year was never a good sign

Have had my eye on artful escape for a while now, but its become one of those itll be out, one day, games. Hope it lives up to expectations for me, unlike other indie games that took years to release only to grossly underwhelm me (Ashen, Below)

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12 minutes is definitely one of my most anticipated games. Hoping it’s early 2021. A release in January or February would be great.


I’m just glad to know they are still coming. So many indie games were announced in the past few months only to go completely dark with no news whatsoever :frowning:


In my case it’s mostly:" The Artful Escape", many of my fellow psychonauts, dreamers and other fellow travelers of the mind kind ;)… are looking forward to that one. When I first showed it to a few of my raver friends (usually also on the spectrum), they were almost bouncing in their chair. Mind exploration is a big thing for us :).

All 3 games look really really cool, the teams should take their time and make sure that they stay safe. I am sure that we can survive a few delays, there are so many games to keep us busy till then so I see no reason to get upset or disappointed over this. :wink:

Jup, I have plenty of psytrance, prog rock, prog metal and stuff similar to that (including a whole Norwegian forest to go into in autumn and camp in) to inspire me until that game is out :).

They should be safe first :).

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Hope Exo One is still 2020.

UPDATE: CrossfireX has been delayed as well, it will now be releasing in 2021.

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To be honest, was anyone expecting this one to release in 2020 anymore? It has been very silent around CrossfireX from Smilegate and Remedy since we’ve seen the last trailer.


Yeah, not surprised at all. At least all these delays mean Xbox’s 2021 lineup will be better.

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And hopefully the game itself improves too! (No idea what the state of the game is currently by the way, just wonder how good it’s gonna be. Remedy’s name is attached to it, so that’s promising)


Glad Crossfire X has finally been officially delayed to 2021 as it’s better for me. Hehe. Was never expecting it this year anyway and was already set with the games I will be playing for Nov/Dec/Jan so this is excellent news for me.

Gives Remedy more time to hopefully make a great campaign as that looked great based on the July trailer.


EXO ONE isn’t 2020 title