Tencent Timi Studio X Xbox Game Studios


What could this be

Halo Infinte mobile?

Or other xbox game studios games having mobile versions :thinking:


Gears Pop 2


Yes please

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Meh, personally I don’t like Xbox dealing with a chinese conglomerate known for human rights violations as a partner, but I suppose “business as usual”.


Minecraft is distributed in China by Tencent.

I wonder if Microsoft can get a Game Pass partnership in China with Tencnet. The numbers could be absurd at xcloud.


I was actually thinking the same thing you did, didn’t know if it was worth creating a new thread for it. I mean, PC is a huge market in China and so is mobile, which means Gamepass PC and xCloud could do HUGE numbers in China to be honest.

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its always business as usual

At this point, its hard to find companies which aren’t doing business with Tencent.

If you have a pension fund (in the UK at least), chances are that you’re already investing into Tencent.

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I mean Xbox consoles have been manufacturered in China by extremely underpaid workers. Nothing new here.

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Partnering with tencent it’s the easiest way to get into the country + outside few people that know what the company made, the fact it’s that the biggest percentage of people inside and outside the gaming communities doesn’t even know about tencent. Also at this point tencent invested in everything, so it’s like the pickles in your burger, even if you don’t like it they always are gonna be there

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Could it be for the Xbox partnership? :chief_think:

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Banjo Run mobile :wink:

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