Tech that Helps You Get Your Game On

Wanted to get a thread going where people can talk about their favorite tech that helps them enjoy the games they love more. Can literally be anything, interested in hearing what cool tech everyones using!

not gonna lie, it’s my fan. I don’t have air conditioning and living in a tropical country, it gets hot and humid. My fan becomes my best buddy to get me and the box through the day


Elite controller has really heightened my enjoyment of a ton of games.


Elite controller for sure.

The paddles and stick curves can’t be overstated, they literally change the game.

Also since it relies on underlying tech I would say play anywhere. I have a fairly capable gaming pc but didn’t play nearly as much on it until playanywhere was a thing.

Shame it’s still limited, can’t wait for when it’s so widespread only the odd one out doesn’t support it.


“WD - Easystore 5TB External USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive”, got one in March from Best Buy for $100.

It’s been working great so far, and I love that I can just unplug it from my One X and plug it into my Series X when it gets here. Elite Controller is great too but I haven’t gotten used to the paddles yet, I just use them to take pictures :stuck_out_tongue:

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