Take-Two acquires Gearbox from Embracer

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Makes sense.

The most logical move that it doesn’t feel anything has changed on the surface level. Time will tell in actual deep dive development and execution. Curious on 4A and Metro franchise future.

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4A went with Saber didn’t it?

Take-Two was always the logical choice for Gearbox IMO with them already holding the publishing rights. Hopefully they can help boost the franchise to the next level.

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I think it was still in discussion or was it confirmed recently that I missed out.

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Ah yes your right.

Saber’s statement suggests that they are acquiring 4A Games, whereas Embracer’s suggests that they have the option to buy 4A so it sounds like it’s still in progress.

It’s a good acquisition. Take Two becomes a more attractive target now that it owns Gearbox.

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More like higher bid to purchase (if available) than before. Of course, that will still be easy for Microsoft, but you get the point.

Awesome!!! Now show me Borderlands 4 you bastards!! lol


TBF if any other company purchased them it wouldn’t have added anywhere near as much value as it will for Take-Two.

Take-Two would have continued publishing Borderlands whoever acquired them. I doubt anyone would have bidded as high as Take-Two because of this either.

If they keep making smart acquisitions like this and Zynga they will likely overtake EA as the biggest 3rd party publisher.

It will be difficult to surpass EA, but perhaps by investing in 2K Sports they can significantly increase their profits. I don’t have the impression that the partnership with LEGO was particularly lucrative for Take Two. On the other hand, they have real potential with sports games and they should focus on that to obtain a constant profit.

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It will be difficult but with GTA on the horizon and their rumoured partnership with FIFA (to take on EA FC) I think it’s possible. If you also throw in some more acquisitions in the mix too then we could quickly see things start to change.

Zynga is still growing and I wouldn’t be surprised if they also make some more mobile acquisitions.


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Yes you are right, GTA is a money machine and a football game could make them a lot of money. They could acquire Remedy and maybe Moon Studios, that would make sense. They may also consider merging with Warner to become a transmedia company.

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I think the last annual revenue figures we have for Take-Two and EA is $5.35 Billion (T2) and $7.65B (EA).

EA year on year was only a 3.8% increase whereas T2’s revenue jumped 52% (mostly due to Zynga).


Assuming 2K FIFA is a success we could see EA’s revenue take a hit while T2’s revenue jump due to GTA.

It will be interesting to see whats changed when the new fiscal reports come out but they aren’t actually that far apart.

Remedy is another studio I hoped would eventually join Xbox but does make sense for T2 with Max Payne.

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There is still more than 2 billion difference, but yes if FIFA 2K is a success, Take Two could get closer to EA or even surpass it. Take Two needs to find a better system for MTX, I heard it was very bad on NBA 2K. A big part of EA’s revenue comes from FUT, so I think it’s necessary to work on this point for their next games.

Microsoft should have acquired them a long time ago, it’s still an incomprehensible decision at Xbox.

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Yeah but as I said above if T2 can jump from $3.4B to $5.35B in one year ($1.95B) then they might be able to do it again with a FIFA & GTA… let alone further acquisitions. I think we will have a better idea of the gap when the 2024 fiscal reports for both EA & T2 are released.

EA have mastered the monetization part of their games (despite how much people hate them for it). Therefore whatever system T2 implement it needs to be more attractive than EA’s offering.

If people buy 2K FIFA instead of EA FC then it will impact EA’s revenue significantly!

Yes the mind boggles!