Tag, You're It

Thanks to the new Forge Mode Creator in Halo Infinite, this mode was able to be created! You can select this as you would select any game mode when making a custom game, and it will work on any map (that supports FFA).

The game mode starts with a random player starting as 'It'. The 'It' player can tag another player to make them 'It' instead. Whoever is 'It' after 30secs since the first player was chosen is eliminated. This repeats until one player is left, and then the round will be complete.

Feel free to change any game mode options as you see fit. Let me know if you have any feedback for the mode!

What makes this different from the Hot Potato game, and mode?

I think the Halo YouTube channel should be on all this forge content. Their channel should be like a marketing push for Halo and all the contents being released.

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Not much really. It can be played on any map that supports FFA because it’s a mode not a map, but otherwise it’s basically the same. Do you think a name change would be appropriate?

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