Sweepstakes: Limited Edition Sonic the Hedgehog Xbox Series S and controllers

Fans can enter two sweepstakes for a chance to win the exclusive custom Xbox Series S and both the Sonic Blue and Knuckles Red Xbox Wireless Controllers by either (1) retweeting the official Xbox sweepstakes tweet and including the hashtag #XboxSonic2Sweepstakes, or (2) for fans in the US, by redeeming Microsoft Rewards points. Visit the official terms and conditions for more information on both the Twitter and Microsoft Rewards sweepstakes.


I hate it. I hope I win. It’s a glorious monstrosity.


Saw this on Twitter. Console looks cool but those controllers are hideous. Why would anyone want fur/fuzz on their controllers? Imagine eating something cheesy while playing and oops, it’s all over the controller. Thankfully, these controllers will never ever find their way into my possession. lol

They also announced Spring line of controllers from third parties and whatnot including Tiny Tina Wonderlands themed controllers.

Wish they would bring back the Xbox One 1705 model controller for sale so I wouldn’t have to buy them on Ebay/Amazon.

I imagine the fur are merely slipon wrappers.

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These are super cool but would be more of a collectors item I’d imagine rather than something someone actually used

I received the Tiny Tina controller ahead of it’s release, it’s great and well worth what you’d pay for it


I had looked at the pastel colored controllers earlier. I actually kinda want one.

It looks like someone had killed a Furby to make those furry controllers though lol. Good luck to whoever enters that contest.

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Imagine handing over one of those controllers to a friend who just showed up for some couch co op.


…I want them!

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They should produce more and sell it at retail. The console looks cool the controllers not so much.

The controllers are like wtf if i win the giveaway just gonna keep as a collectors edition so bizarre

Oh man those are purrfect for playing out that “your co-op friend always gets the crappy controller” cliche.

Is this what you get when you let Microsoft buy Sega? Because this is what you get when you let Microsoft buy Sega.