Surface Duo preorders to start today, available Sep 10

Pictures leaked yesterday, today the official blog went up early.

Price 1399USD, thus undercutting Razr and Fold Z 2.

Day 1 for me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Looks genuinely really nice, but I wouldn’t ever pay that kinda money for a phone, I literally only browse the Internet, use what’s app and phone calls.

So sadly it would be wasted on someone like me :stuck_out_tongue:

But would be interested in seeing people’s first impressions that get it, on this forum :)!

I’ll post some when it arrives!

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The price is shocking, but the lack of 5G is what kills this one for me.

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No 5g? That is surprising…

I absolutely adore Microsoft’s Surface products and I’m a big tech freak, but I could never with good conscience spend so much money for a phone.

I keep buying mid-price smartphones with top performance (Google Nexus 3, OnePlus 3…) whenever my current phone needs replacement. The OnePlus 3 lasted me more than 4 years, I think, until I dropped it badly and broke its Screen. Now I have a Nexus 4 XL for around 550 Euro, the most expensive phone I ever owned.

Really looking forward to first hand reports from whoever here buys one, though!

Will be preordering tonight through ATT when they open it up.

I was much more irritated at the lack of 5g than the price, but I’d been expecting it not to have 5g for a while since reading certification documents that didn’t mention the radio for 5g. Got the impression they just wanted to get it out the door so that the R&D expenses would be paid off a bit, but it seems like they should have let it cook a bit longer instead of going halfway.

If it was black and had 5g, I would probably be ordering. Guess I can save a bit longer for the next model though.

They are not shipping to Germany, and I don’t know when the US will let me get back to Florida… :sleepy:

We need Nadella in here to get me one!!1! :wink:

No 5G No NFC Just an ok camera


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That’s the problem of this smartphone - The price. If Microsoft starts at a low price and the new Surface Duo 2 is higher people would be pissed about it. A higher price after one generation is questionable.

If the price is too high sale numbers are low which could result in Microsoft have no reason to release Duo 2.

They already know that this phone isn’t going to be the “mass market” one. It’s very obvious and you can read what Panos Panay has stated about it for verification. It’s for surface fans, those of us who’ve been waiting for this device, like me. I preordered it.

Long story short…Surface Duo 2 will still happen. This just reminds me of Surface RT when Surface first launched. They will iterate on it and it will work out.

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