Super excited to have Phil Spencer ( @XboxP3 ), the head of @Xbox , on @DroppedFrames this week!

Great podcast btw, CohhCarnage is one of my favorite Twitch streamers and the dude is an absolute Obsidian/InXile nut. Should be good, they had an excellent podcast with Brian Fargo a few weeks ago as well.


Yeah, I like their show too. And with Cohh, a big RPG fan, I’m sure it will be an interesting interview.


Doesn’t he ever do any work? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Oh I will check this out!

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I just checked out the Brian Fargo interview. What a rad dude. Looking forward to Phil next.

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Is it streamed live on youtube?

Twitch but should be on Youtube a day or 2 later