Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League delayed until February 2nd, 2024

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Rocksteady has finally confirmed the long-rumored delay of Suicide Squad, moving the game’s release back from this May until February 2nd, 2024. By the time the game releases, it will have been just under nine years since Rocksteady’s last game, Batman Arkham Knight. SSKTJL was shown off for the first time in a recent PlayStation State of Play to middling reviews.



Performance mode must have tolled them.

I thought this was already announced. Hopefully the extra time is used well.

This could be far worse for the project than pushing through it to release this year.

This delay likely added at least half a dozen more bullet point items onto their MUST DO list. In a worst case scenario is something got pulled in from their “won’t do” list to the “must do now” list. That can easily cause huge ripples throughout the code base and require adjustments to over 70% of all the subsystems. This is the sort of thing that can easily kill a project.

It’s what I always fear whenever a software engineering project I’m working on is delayed. All the wise decisions at the time, given those assumptions, now become entirely thrown out and has to be re-examined and re-worked.

Too much of that and you end up with something like Skull & Crossbones.

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I hope they eliminate the gear score and having AI team mates with you. Let it be an option so I can play fully solo. I doubt that either of these two things happen but we’ll see.

They’re not fundamentally changing the game.

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Probably not but that’s where the issues are. lol

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A 9 month delay? Theyre changing a lot. Mind you avengers was still shit after a year just more polished.

Rocksteady Suicide Squad: Kill The GAAS Genre.

And all they had to do was continue making Batman games…

It always killed me a little inside when I used to read comments 8 years ago from people saying “we’ve had too much Batman, it’s time for something different!”. It’s sad because all the work Rocksteady did on the Batman games has gone out the window. We could have had so many great Batman games & spinoffs.

Chasing GAAS was one of the worst trends ever in gaming & there have been a few bad ones already, but this was really bad. Shoot, loot in semi open arenas + damage numbers & modifiers + constant paywalled content updates must have seemed like such an easy cash grab to the suits behind the scenes.

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I’m not inherently opposed to GAAS, but Suicide Squad just didn’t look fun, GAAS or not.

I just don’t know about Rocksteady’s future at this point. Nine years to make a game, god only knows how astronomical the budget must be, and assuming it releases to underwhelming reviews and sales? Not a great position for a studio to be in.

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Nothing is wrong with more Batman, but I can easily see Rocksteady make a great Flash or Green Arrow game, that is an open world game. So I personally would prefer that over more Batman. When DC has many rich characters, it is nice to see other people some time.

Just thinking how cool it would be to play as Static, flying around on a manhole, is definitely a game I’d like to play and so a Static Shock open world game can work too.