Suggestion: Put the avatar of the user who made the thread, not the last to reply

This is a very small suggestion and may not be something the majority people want, but if possible I think it would look better if the avatar of the person who made the thread appeared next to the thread, and not the last person to reply.

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Not sure if there is setting for something like this but I think idea to show which member last posted is to increase engagement.

For example, when @SuikerBrood posts 10 threads in a day during busy days, you will see just his avatar in some views (and always on mobile) and that can look like there is no activity. But when I see that @Klobrille posted something in one of those threads, I will for sure check out for that.

On the desktop view, in Latest, the first avatar is OP, and the last one is the avatar of the member who posted last.

Could it maybe somehow fit both? The thread-started on top, the latest poster on the bottom. So from a glance you might know who started a thread and if it got new activity from a user you like or something.



Good idea

I was about to make a thread for this, before seeing this post.

I agree, the the poster that started the thread should have their avatar shown.

Yeah thread creator should have their avatar instead. It looks confusing seeing the last poster’s avatar instead.